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Disney’s Little Einsteins – The Legend of the Golden Pyramid

Scouted from forum thread DVDs and Educational Computer Softwares

"I bought 2 DVDs locally. Then bought 4 more in the Little Einsteins series from amazon. They teach a piece of classical music, introducing the composer’s name, important landmarks in the world like the leaning tower of Pisa, Great wall of China, the Pyraminds of Egypt, etc, art, and even some musical notations (allegro, adagio,diminuendo, etc). Very educational. " tamarind

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How much?

I am very fond of the songs in here… Even my older kid is always singing along! Thanks for letting me know of another episode

this is still a favourite to

this is still a favourite to many children even till now

Little Einsteins at Playhouse Disney

Son is not keen on music, speech n drama when he was in K1 & K2.  Somehow he enjoy watching this program on Starhub.  Any age limit?

For starters, the Little

For starters, the Little Einsteins opening theme song is very catchy.  My toddler boys would just stop whatever they’re doing and proceed to jump and dance to the tune.  They love the "countdown" part 🙂 

Next thing is, the show tells some things about the classics; not so detailed, which is just about right for its target audience of toddlers.  It then incorporates these classical items (art, music, stories, etc) into adventures which the children can relate to.

The best thing is the show encourages the young viewers to actively participate in singing, dancing, acting and even doing some choices in the storyline.

Am a fan of Leo, Annie, Quincy, June and Rah-rah-rah-rah Rocket!  

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

how is that so? please

how is that so? please share! my son, only turning 8 month old soon, enjoys playhouse disney too.

My kids love Playhouse

My kids love Playhouse Disney, to the point that its become a real problem! Beware!

Playhouse disney


Well, you could subscribe to playhouse disney channel by Starhub to enjoy watching the Little Einstein daily.

It’s a wonderful programme that my son enjoys too. he’s 20 months now. And he always follow the actions whenever the mission begins or the rocket needs to go superfast…damn cute!


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