Do not take your child’s safety for granted

Child fell 9 storeys. 
Child drown in condo.

How many more tragedies do we need before we pay more attention to our kid’s environment?  When it comes to safety, ignorance is not bliss, and we should not take safety for granted.

How can we raise children’s consciousness on Safety risks and consequences?

Some parents might argue that children being children, wants to do the opposite, but as parents, we should at least try. In some cases, parents somehow believe that incidence will not befall our own kids? (but will befall others)

I would like to focus on two common incidence, which sounds like Common Sense, BUT..

No Car seatbelt?

Why do we still see kids popping up and down in their parent’s car?  Do parents assume that we have super-human strength to "hold" on to our kids on impact? Scientific crash-test videos prove otherwise.

Video : Car seat vs no Car seat

The above video is taken from YouTube, and more are available. Just search "seat belt" in YouTube.

** Without proper seatbelt, you do not need 200Kmh to break a life.

Missing Windows grills

Do we really believe our kids are so docile, that they will not attempt a superman stunt?  Those with multiple kids will know how younger siblings mimic their elder brother and sisters.  It is so easy for the young ones to push a stool next to a unguarded window !!

How do we ever justify a missing Window Grill?  
Maybe parents choose to underestimate their’s children’s ability and imagination?  Some parents will even claim that window grills mar their splendid paranomic view !!


Raising awareness

If we know something is amiss, please speak up. There are so many things around us which need us to raise a doubt:

  • school kids cycling like dare-devils across the road
  • sharp corners at home
  • easy access to parent’s medication, or bleach
  • pail full of water, inviting the kid to tempt fate by snorkeling!!
  • F1 racing up and down multi-storey carpark
  • endless more examples…

KK’s website hope to bring more insights into Safety do’s and don’t.

Get young kids to try these games:

Starting from today, help to raise our kids’ safety awareness. We owe it to them. Exercise our Common Sense, be kiasu or paranoid, please do NOT let our child become another statistic!!

Enough ramblings, from a paranoid Daddy :p 
Please share your tips and recommendations on how to improve child safety.

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Thanks for the reminder...

Thanks for the reminder… In total agreement with you!

I've never understood why

I’ve never understood why some Sporeans place aesthetics over safety for their young ones when it comes to window grills.  Unfortunately, the same parents do not understand why I would never allow my child to visit their home.


Double Kudos to Penglee for the article! Yes, very true!

No more words to say! Speechless after seeing the video!

Recent Bout of Gastric Flu

Last week, my youngest daughter was admitted to KK for gastric flu. 

Thank God she was discharged after 2 days and did not need to go on a drip.

Unfortunately, my 2 other children came down with the same symptoms and my mother also caught the virus.

Whilst I was at the A&E at KK, I spotted numerous children with the same symptoms.  The symptoms are vomitting and diarhoea.

I thought I share my experience and maybe some pointers for members :-

First and foremost, hygiene must be maintained at the highest levels.  This means proper washing of hands and utensils.

If a child in the family is afflicted, it is likely to be contagious.  So, do discard soiled diapers immediately, cleanse soiled clothes and areas with appropriate antiseptic cleaners.

It is very important to keep the child hydrated.  The advice from the medical staff is to give small amounts of fluid (glucose syrup, barley water, porridge water) at initially short intervals, followed by doubled amounts over slightly longer intervals.  If the child vomits in the process, you will have to allow the child to rest (an hour recommended) and re-start the process again.  Of course, if vomitting persists, then it is important to bring the child to KK, or to a doctor.

Most times, diarhoea will follow and when that happens, fluid intake must be increased.

After the first 4 hours, the child can be fed with diluted milk (maybe half the concentration of the usual feed) or soft food. 

I am not a doctor, so the above must be taken with a pinch of salt.  Do exercise discretion and seek medical attention.

The intent of my writing is to provide some support for parents.  The experience can be harrowing to say the least.  My little girl could not even take 15ml of glucose (she threw it up within minutes).  And there I was, waiting at the A&E. 

Don’t panic.  Focus on hygiene (which is what you can do) and keep your child hydrated.  Do not rush into feeding your child once the child has stopped vomiting.   It would be quite pointless and indeed very stressful to have the child throwing up again.  And seek proper medical advice.



agreed with you

agreed with you 100%

perhaps some of these parents themselves are NOT consciousness about safety risks and consequences. I’m sure we have encountered Adults that

– cross or walk on minor roads without checking traffic or as if "it is their grandfather’s road"

– do not putting seat belts when sitting in the rear seats of a car or taxi

– talk on the phone or smoking while driving.

– drive under influence of alcohol

– speed & zig-zag between lanes

– chitchat on the pavement by the road, while their kids are playing & pushing one another

Perhaps it is these parents who are the main culprits; whose children are ignorance of safety.

In addition, I also can’t stand irresponsible parents that allow their pre-schoolers run and play in a moving MRT.  

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