Don’t Despair Even If Your Child Doesn’t Get Into Medical School


I can empathize with all parents here for their anxiety. I am also once a kiasuparents here too. I have gone through it with my son before. Do give them all the moral support and strength they need.

My son did not get in to study medicine even after several tries. Even though this year, he has equipped and enhanced himself with good experiences, testimonials and with doctors as his referees also failed to secure an interview via ABAS.

The competition were tense and aggressive. Don’t be despair after knowing our DS/DD did not manage to get offered. Both medicine schools had tried their best they could for those in waiting. We have to accept whatever outcome and move on.

Learn from Kiasuparents that lend encouragement here, how they and their children cope after failed attempts. Some can try again after taking gap year, especially those in NS as they have two more tries (e.g. between 2023 & 2024). During these times in army, serve the army and put efforts to train well to your best abilities. Through army’s credentials, leadership performance and vocational training, you can then use it to apply into the medicine schools again.

Don’t just apply for NUS, also apply NTU as well (note: take your BMAT exams). You will stand a better chance for 2nd timer application. For 3rd timer, it might be tough as you have failed twice and your morale and esteem might be very low. Your credentials must be better than the previous two for submission. For those who can afford to go overseas to pursue medicine is the best as the competition is less as compared here locally.

For my son’s case, prior applying medicine, he has carefully laid out his course options in order of his interest. After failing to study medicine, he got to fall back on courses that still centered in allied health sciences in area of medicine. At least you are still studying what you are really passionate about and not just for the sake of getting a MBBS or MD title. What really matters are that you still get to contribute your knowledge acquired to better help and improve our allied healthcare systems.

It’s not the end if you don’t get into medicine. What’s important is your passion and your state of mind. What you really want in life.

I have spoken too much and hope that it had lend much encouragement. The results will come soonest. Again may God bless all the DS and DD with the best outcome according to his will and not ours. Good luck!