Don’t Just Dream… Make Your Retirement Bucket List A Reality

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With job and parenting responsibilities keeping you fully occupied, it may not seem like the right time to picture yourself in retirement mode. But give it a thought. What would you like to do, come that season in life?

Cliché as it may sound, many would hope to be able to jet-set on a whim. Soak in the sun at a pristine white Hawaiian beach; sample top wines from vineyards set in the rolling hills of Burgundy, France; trace the footsteps of famous Japanese poet, Matsu Basho’s journey around Japan’s Tohoku region.

A long-time KSP member, Estéema shared about her planned retirement tour: “(I want to) fulfil my Northern Lights dream, with its glaciers, waterfall and take unique pictures of its vast canyons. (I am also) looking for a suitable Mediterranean Cruise to cover Southward for kid’s dream to explore Spain and Italy, then an Alaskan Cruise to search for husband’s Alaskan salmon treat and cabin stay.”

For others not so caught up with wanderlust, you may see yourself spending your golden years starting an allotment garden for edibles, improving your golf score, learning a new skill with your grandkids or buying a dream car or property.

Another KSP member, Ngl2010 said: “My dream retirement home is in an integrated development with a huge mall below. Then no need to have a car and everything is within the condo – supermarket, food court, restaurants and even doctor! My exercise will be walking in the mall.”

A Reality Check – Are You Prepared?

Creating a retirement bucket list can actually be therapeutic as it motivates you to look forward to a new way of life after putting down your day-to-day responsibilities. However, a bucket list will remain merely “a list” if you don’t work towards fulfilling what you plan to do.

Based on a survey1 conducted by Income, 85% of parents wish to retire before they turn 63 but only two in five parents are confident they have sufficient savings to retire when they want.

Check out this video about the retirement dreams of Singaporean parents and surprising truths about the amount they may need to retire!

KSP members have similar worries too about what the future holds.

Confidence to Retire When You Want

To support your retirement dreams, you have to start growing your nest egg early to allow you to maintain a good quality of life while managing costs due to age-related health issues. As Zeal_mum commented: “We need to eat and live healthier, to keep ourselves in a condition that can live beyond 70s.”

Almost tongue-in-cheek, lee_yl said that she hopes that when she retires, she won’t have to think twice about affording a Maoshanwang durian for herself.

How much you require for retirement depends on various factors, such as your ideal retirement age, desired retirement lifestyle, inflation rate and more. Income’s retirement calculator can give you an idea how much you need to retire.

Income’s retirement calculator

Though the best time to start building a retirement sum is in the 20s, when one has the least financial commitments and can benefit from compounding interest, it’s still not too late even if you’re presently in your 40s. In fact, make it a priority if you haven’t done so, and consider a suitable retirement plan to make your money work harder for you.

Though 63 is the minimum retirement age in Singapore, you can build up your financial freedom to give yourself the choice to retire early and be confident that your daily expenses can be met even if you decide to exit the workforce before 63.

Consider Income’s Gro Retire Flex Pro, a flexible insurance savings plan that provides a steady stream of cash payouts so you can retire when you want.

  • Receive a steady stream of monthly cash payouts during your payout period – which include a monthly cash benefit and a non-guaranteed cash bonus so you can enjoy the things you want during your retirement.
  • Option to accumulate with interest at a rate of up to 3.00% p.a.2 or enjoy your cash payouts.
  • Flexibility to choose how long you want to pay the premiums, when you want to retire, the amount you desire and the duration of the payouts.
  • Coverage3 against death and terminal illness, and extra protection against accidental death and disability. (Health issues may also coincide with our retirement years, which takes a toll on our finances when we aren’t working anymore.)
  • Peace of mind with Retrenchment Benefit3 which will cover you during uncertain times.

As your retirement funds grow, you’ll be able to check off more items on your retirement bucket list and live your dream lifestyle in your golden years.

Sign up for Gro Retire Flex Pro by 19 October 2022 and get up to $1,200^ FairPrice Vouchers .

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  1. Milieu Insight, poll of n=200 comprising 40- to 49-year-old parents with monthly household income between SGD $7,000 and $12,000. 
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