Don’t throw that away…Freecycle it!

Hi parents, what do you do with the junks you cleaned out during spring cleaning? Or the old pair of jeans that no longer fits? Or the pet rabbit which no one has time for? Instead of throwing them away, or selling them for a few lousy bucks to a karang guni man (he probably wouldn’t take that rabbit anyway), you could consider offering them to the Freecycle group!

The Freecycle Network was originated in the US, and a local chapter had started several years ago. Its mission, as taken from the official site, is to “build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community”.

How this work is simple. When you become a member (like all items being offered in the group, membership is free!), you will be able to post a message offering, say, that pet rabbit. If someone is interested in that rabbit, he can then send you a reply asking for it. You can then make arrangement for him to collect the rabbit at a time and location to your convenience (after all, you are giving away the rabbit FREE). So in the end, you would have found your ex-pet rabbit a new, loving home, and also reduced the number of stray rabbits on the street.

Personally, I had recycled some books; baby shoes; non-working micro hifi (which the recipient managed to fix); computer speakers; printer ink cartridges; and NDP fun pack items. I was also able to receive kindergarten uniform for DD; used but new-looking clothes for DS; movie DVD; and several rolls of gift wrapping papers. As you can see, pretty much anything can be recycled and be given a new lease of life.

So if this sounds like a good idea to you, do join me at

Let’s recycle and do our part for Mother Earth!

I’d better include this legal mumbo jumbo so as not to get Chief KS into trouble.

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Great article. I clear most

Great article.

I clear most of our home, my MIL’s and my mother’s homes’ clutter with Freecycle.

Some nicer clothes, books and toys I give away to Salvation Army for their sales.


charity chest at South View Primary School, Choa Chu kang on No

If you have Old Newspapers, books, dresses, toys etc. you can give it to the charity chest at South View Primary School, Choa Chu kang on Nov 18 and 19th Oasis room. For outsiders please pass it to the Security guard .



Yah, I visited this website

Yah, I visited this website too to donate my sofa, cloth and shoes.
SA takes long time to come down and collect. this website is good.

——————————– Amy

We used to just give to Salvation Army too

My understanding is that Salvation Army take the donated stuff and put them in their thrift stores to be sold. The proceedings from the sale will then be used to fund their operations and projects.

So what happen to the stuffs that couldn’t be sold? Do they throw them out eventually?

Perhaps someone with knowledge of how Salvation Army work can comment here?


As a side note, I heard in US before that some people will donate their clothes to Salvation Army, then buy them back from the thrift store. Why? Because Salvation Army will send all clothing items to be cleaned before putting them on sale. The thrift store price they pay is less than the dry-cleaning cost if they were to send those clothes to the dry cleaners!!

Ours just go to Salvation

Ours just go to Salvation Army… Recently cleared 3 loadfuls of my wife’s maternity plus old clothes.

I clear my wardrobe about once a year… Mainly due to my ever growing girth… And I mean my middle not the one down south

Hm...this seems like a good

Hm…this seems like a good alternative to donating to the Salvation Army – who of course don’t accept Pet Rabbits.

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