Doublets Word Puzzle

Submitted by Horizons Creative

‘Doublets’ is the name of the popular word puzzle invented by Lewis Carroll (the author of Alice In Wonderland) – now also known by a variety of other names: Word Ladders, Ladderwords, Stepwords, Word Chains, Laddergrams, Transitions, Transformations, etc.


Transform one word into another by changing a single letter in each step, so that each link in the chain is a valid word. For example, to change MORE into LESS with 3 links:

M O R E (Original Word)

L O R E (Link 1)

L O S E (Link 2)

L O S S (Link 3)

L E S S (Transformed Word)


Its pretty easy and it’s a good way to check your active vocabulary and develop your puzzle solving skills.

Now you try!

1. Transform MILK to PAIL

2. Transform FIRE to HEAT 

3. Transform SLEEP to DREAM


4. Transform BLACK to WHITE


Sat 25/01/2014