DVDs to enjoy with your children. Guilt free.

TV  time can sometimes be relaxing for both the parent and child.  But educational children programs may not always be our cup of tea and programs we like may not be suitable for our kids, especially the younger ones. Here are some DVDs that are intesting to the adults and educational to the child :

Scouted from Adversity in Life

"To "teach" adversity in young kids, can try "Kiki’s Delivery Service". It’s a bout a 12yo girl who’s a witch and part of her coming-of-age rite is to leave her family and find a town on her own to live in and earn a living using her talent, which she has to yet to discover. She learns to be strong and independent through the obstacles she faces and makes friends along the way." schellen

Learn more about Kiki’s Delivery Service


Scouted from Delivery from Amazon

Documentaries about nature can be educational and entertaining to both parent and child. For most of them, parents also need not worry about violent scenes or negative inluence to the child.

Learn more about the Planet Earth Series


Many of Disneys and Pixar’s movies are entertaining and explore some moral or values while beiing interesting and fun. A number of them deal with some aspects of the parent and child relationship. Kiasuproduct scout’s favourite is Finding Nemo which deal with themes such as family, courage and positive attitude when face with challenges.

Learn more about the Finding Nemo

online movie

I wonder what are the movie available on youtube or online that’s suitable for young children?

Motivational Movies

We always look for motivational movies.. love these movies. If anyone has other to recommend, it will be great.


– Men of Honour

– Soul Surfer


Thanks for list

My kids and i were getting sick of my usual choices ..haha!

I wish they'll make

I wish they’ll make "Finding Nemo" 2, although his Daddy found him already.

Word World

I think word world is good.  My boy loves to watch.  He learned phonics and spelling.  Its a good DVD to watch with your kids.  It can be bought in Popular bookshop.

Monsters and Aliens are a hoot...

… but those 3D tickets are very expensive.  Had to pay full adult price for my not-even-4-yo girl… and the glasses kept slipping off her head (too big).  Within the first 5 mins, she went "Daddy, I wanna go home…" .  I had to sit her on my lap the whole movie.  Only my son got to enjoy the movie.  Cannot fault the cool 3D effects, although it is clear that the movie was not really made to highlight the 3D effects.

The deepest moral messages I got from the show:

– It’s ok to be weird as long as you have friends that are weirder than yourself.

– It’s good luck to be hit by a meteorite on the day of your wedding (ie. blessing in disguise)

– Cockroaches have more brains and expressions than 12 storey high caterpillars.

– Never slight an ex-girlfriend, especially if she can hold you in her hand.

– An adventurous monster-killing earth-saving career is more illustrious than a life of an SAHM to a gorgeous and ambitious weather reporter.

– Monsters good.  Aliens bad.

Yes.  It’s that good.

Wuakakakakaah! Funny lah you, Chief!

Wuakakakakaah! Funny lah you, Chief!

Just keep swmming, huh…


Kungfu Panfa for us!

Kungfu Panda super entertaining for us to watch as a family.  We like Finding Nemo too.

Booked "wrong tickets" to watch 3D Monsters and Aliens(not supposed to be 3D)…..hope it is good! *cross my fingers*.

I prefer Finding Nemo

Just keep swimming… just keep swimming… just keep swimming swimming swimming…

Meet The Robinsons

Yeah jedamum, Meet The Robinsons is one animation movie we like too! And yes, can never forget the "keep moving forward" phrase… very motivational.


My daughter loves to watch

My daughter loves to watch “finding nemo” movie.

It is indeed a great recommendation for the whole family.

My favourite shows of all

My favourite shows of all time that I love to let my kid watch anytime it’s on Disney Channel is ‘Meet the Robinsons’. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meet_The_Robinsons

Not only does it reminds us adults (to teach the kids too) that failure is meant to be a learning process and a step closer to success, it also reminds us not to cling onto the past and to live for the moment and look towards what is in store for us in the future.

"The film ends with a quotation from Walt Disney:

Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."



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