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Dyson DC62: a must-have cleaning tool for the home + Try for Free!

I’ve been using the Dyson DC62 for about 2 months now. It’s the first cordless vacuum cleaner that my family has ever had and I must say using it has been a very liberating experience!

Gone are the days when I had to lug a bulky vacuum cleaner all around the house, from room to room, building up a sweat. Not only was the long vacuum hose cumbersome (and let’s not even try to count the number of times I got entangled and tripped over), it was such a hassle to switch from power socket to power socket as the typical 8-metre vacuum cord was never long enough to cover our entire 4-room flat. The Dyson DC62 is so convenient – no cords, lightweight, no serpentine hose wrapping itself around me – that I’m beginning to like doing household chores again!

The DC62 is battery-operated, which means a need to charge it frequently. At home, we mounted its accompanying charger to our balcony wall and dock the vacuum cleaner every time we’re done cleaning the house. So every time we pick it up, it’s ready to go!

What I love most about the Dyson DC62 is that it comes with an array of accessories, each designed to cater to different cleaning needs. For example, the accessory for the floor is specially equipped with two types of brushes which cater to both carpeted and hard floors. How thoughtful! There’s even one with soft brittles, when you need a light delicate touch for things like lamps and flower vases. The most unique accessory is perhaps the Bendy – I am not sure what it is called, but I call it the Bendy as it is able to bend and reach the deepest corners of crevices which conventional vacuum cleaners are unable to.

As a mother of two toddlers, I spend more time than I would like cleaning up messes my sons leave behind, and that often includes picking up biscuit crumbs on the floor/sofa. I especially hate it when biscuit crumbs fall into sofa crevices – it is the beginning of an insect nightmare! I tried to use my previous vacuum cleaner to pick up the dust and biscuit crumbs in crevices but it was to no avail. Ever since I started using the DC62, and the Bendy by extension, my sofa’s the cleanest it’s ever been and I don’t have to worry about any insects and creepy crawlies every time I sit on it. Mattresses, sofas, car seats, and crevices (even those of my Macbook Pro’s keyboard) – there is hardly anywhere the Dyson vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

Now we all know that Dyson is famous for its bladeless fans. But did you know that it’s been getting raves for the strong suction power of its vacuum cleaners? Powered by the Dyson V6 digital motor, the suction power of the DC62 is a lot stronger than those of the other vacuum cleaners I have used. It is able to extract layers of – what my husband and I presumed to be – dust mites from my sons’ relatively new mattresses. When we saw the layers of grey matter in the clear bin after vacuuming their mattresses, we shuddered and thought to ourselves how did we even allow our kids to sleep on such dirty mattresses then!

As a parent, I place my children’s health as top priority. As such, the DC62’s ability to clean out dust mites and dust in usually unreachable spaces is the determining factor to why the DC62 is a must-have cleaning tool in modern families. An added bonus is that the DC62 is priced rather attractively at $849. I would highly recommend that you give this machine a try, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed with the results!

– Emily

Editor’s Note: If you would like to try out the DC62 in your own home before deciding if it’s worth the investment, here’s your chance. Dyson Singapore is running a loan promotion exclusively for the forum members of Kiasu Parents. Head over to the Dyson DC62 forum thread, leave the comment – ‘I want to review the DC62’ – on the thread and you will be able to try the machine! Let me know your experience of using the DC62 by leaving a review on the thread. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

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