Edventure Books Annual Sale (Sunshine, Rigby Phonics readers)

http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Sunshine/phonics/index.html

Alphabet Pack
Set of 24 Alphabet Books, 26 Alphabet Cards & 1 Teacher’s Notes
UP: S$208.00, SALE: NO DISCOUNT. Card Members: S$187.20 (after 10% discount)

Word Family Pack
Set of 32 Word Family Books, 32 Word Family Cards & 1 Teacher’s Notes
UP: S$258.00, SALE: S$232.20 (after 10% discount) Card Members: S$208.90 (after further 10% discount)

Letter Blends Pack
Set of 24 Letter Blend Books, 24 Letter Blend Cards, 1 Crocodile Crunching Crackers Big Book & 1 Letter Blends Teacher’s Notes
UP: S$228.00, SALE: S$205.20 (after 10% discount) Card Members: S$184.60 (after further 10% discount)

For the Complete Set, you will get all of the above plus a FREE set of 8 Poem Books, 2 Display Pockets & 1 Big Book Bag and FREE set of Sunshine Rhymes Songs and Plays (worth $59)
UP: S$694.00 SALE: S$520.50 (after 25% discount)
Card Members: S$458.00 (after further 12% discount)

RIGBY LITERACY FLUENT (Levels 2,3&4- set of 33 books)
http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Rigby/fluent.htm
UP: S$315, SALE: S$189 (after 40% discount)

http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Sunshine/Non-fiction/index. html
Set of 10 books + 2 Interactive CDROMs (featuring all 10 titles) + 1 Shopping Bag
UP: S$69.00 Card Members: S$55.20 (after 20% discount) 
Sale price: S$48.60 (after further 12% discount)



http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Sunshine/naturelibrary/index. html
Set of 26 books.
UP: S$168 Card Members: S$ 100.80  (after 40% discount)
Sale price: S$88.70 (after further 12% discount) 

http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Rigby/Rocket/index.html
Rigby Rocket (Set of 76 books + 3 Audio CDs + Display Pocket + Bag)
UP: S$628 Card Members: S$502.40 (after 20% discount)
SALE: 452.20 (after further 10% discount) 

http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Joy/index.html
Set of 50 books 
(Levels A 1-10, A11-20, B11-20, C1-10 & D11-20)   
UP: S$200 Card Members: S$100 (after 50% discount) *very limited stocks 

http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Jamboree/index.html

PACK A (6 titles + 1 CD + 1 Activity Book + 1 Acitivty Guide + 1 Parrot Hand Puppet + shopping bag)
UP: S$168.00 Sale: S$151.20 (after 10% discount)
Card member: S$133.05 (after further 12% discount)

PACK B (6 titles + 1 CD + 1 Activity Book + 1 Acitivty Guide + 1 Bear Hand Puppet + shopping bag)
UP: S$168.00 Sale: S$151.20 (after 10% discount)
Card member: S$133.05 (after further 12% discount)

Both PACK A & PACK B (free display pocket, while stocks last)
UP: S$336.00 Sale: S$235.20 (after 30% discount)
Card member: S$207 (after further 12% discount)

SUNSHINE CLASSICS (Set of 40 books)
http://www.edventurebooks.com/ Sunshine/nsb/index.html
UP: S$188, SALE: s$169.20 (after 10% discount)
Card Member: S$148.90 (after further 12% discount)

Do note that price and packages are subject to change without prior notice and all are sold on a while stocks last basis (Cash/NETs payment).

 ** Terms & conditions: **
– All prices quoted are based on Cash and Carry.
– Delivery fee of S$10/trip (within Singapore) applies. Delivery fee is waived for purchases of above S$200 in a single receipt.
– Prices & packages quoted are subject to change without prior notice.
– Goods sold are not refundable or exchangable.
– Good are sold while stocks last.
– Sale price is valid until 2 May’09, only while stocks last.
– Sale prices are not valid with other promotions.

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i missed the sale



any suggestions how i can get good price for the books since they are quite expensive


sunshine book and my first sound book are highly recommended

personally, my girl have read both series before.
They are very good book to begin with. fun!

Yes, better call Andy!

Heyya quixation, hope you’re feeling better already. You must’ve really konked out!! Haven’t seen you around here for awhile now.. yes, better tell Andy lest you’d be crying. Heheh.. 😉 The 2 sets you’re getting will be fine. Good choice. Aniwaes, your sight word readers got quite a collection oredi yah.. Good. Good. More than enuf resources for 2nd one… and 3rd… and 4th and so on.

For the words "smell" and "smile", there are rules applied to it, if one were to explain in technical terms. But for your cutie.. just gentle repetition from you should do the trick. If you are very concerned, you can do both words on flashcards and make her match the "smile" card to a smiley face and the "smell" card to a picture of a nose card… till she is confidently getting it. Cos your girl is quite the sight reader.

You may  tell her, the word "smell" when pronounced, the tip of her tongue will point to her nose! And the word "smile" when pronounced, really does make her smile! 😉

Hey, you’re right about lightning speed, girl!

And YOU are the force behind it super momma!

See ya round soon.


acutally i havent gone done

acutally i havent gone done yet!! *tsk tsk tsk shame shame* Was down with flu..

But i already decided to get Sunshine letter blend and word family set.. unless my gal catches other title she is interested la..

But Andy suggested Rigby for me but I already have some SAils lLiteracy, sight word readers and Collins Big Cat books so I need to be selective now lor.. Recession la..

Oh ya.. one question Buds, maybe you can help me too.. My gal is starting to get confused with e.g. Smile, Smell… 2 words she use to read with ease.. I dont know what to do now..

Although I am happy she is picking up words at lightning speed, I am worried she gets more confused because she started simple phonics at her 3 week daily playgroup…


Thanks bud.. luckily I waited for the sale la

Reminds me,, better call andy to reserve the set for me!

tx quixation

I heard about Sunshine books some times ago, went there this afternoon and yes bought the Complete Set…so happy after i see my girl love e Sunshine Letter Blends Pack!

yes, my girl and me were very suprised after i saw those familiar books!For example:

Brrrr!Brown Bear….Drip, Drop, Drip….Fruggles…Granny Green…The Present….Tricky Tricks….Chocolate Chomping book (Pg4: The cheetahs chomp the chocolate. Chew, chew, chew.)….and the most recently Glueing My Glider…my girl smile and yes can relate her memory back to those stories!

yes if you same as me very familiar with those stories, another reason  why is: can just read and let her learn to read since she likes and so familiar with the stories 🙂

Professionals at work in Edventure

Edventure is run by professional educators who specialised in literacy.  They are conscientious people who are particular about the titles they bring in and promote.  So generally no issues with the text and grammar of the books that they are selling.  Books by other publishers may have more issues on grammar, etc.  Edventure books may be more costly but generally worth the buy, esp if you have two or more kids at home and if you time your purchase during their sales period…



Thanks quization for the info!

Just went there just now. Bought some Joy Cowly’s books & Chinese books.The staff there are really friendly. Thank you for the info.

Yup, quixation's right!

Yup, quixation is right. Andy is indeed very nice. No worries. They will help you with the choices from the hundreds available there to tailor to what you prefer your child to begin reading; according to their age group. Without this sale, their books usually at nett pricing are quite expensive (tho its a good investment). So, those parents who are waiting to buy a set aniwaes or are looking around, there’s no harm in getting yourself there to look see. You will have a feast of eyes on all their books! Happy shopping, guys!

quixation… you decided what to buy already?


The staff there will help you

Go down and the staff will be happy to advice you. It’s all depending on what you actually want and your child’s development.

Better bring your kids down too so you can see if they will be interested lor..



actually Andy was nice

actually Andy was nice enough to tell me about this.. and also advice me which set is more suitable for my daughter!!!

But recession leh.. must watch the spending!! Coz there is another set of books we want!!!


thanks for info

Thanks for the information.

Appreciated it if anyone

Appreciated it if anyone who own any set advise me on what to get for a toddler of 2.5 years old? There are so many that i don’t really know which one to buy …. Do PM me, pls. Thanks in advance.

Edventure Books Sale

See quixation… what did i tell you… hehehee… patience is a virtue. Lucky you didn’t get it the other time when you asked right? Now go pao-ka-liao shopping there! Hey people go early, lest quixation grabs them aaaaaallll!

Tks for the heads up, girl!


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