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Win a FREE 4-day Holiday Mathematics Explorer Camp worth $180


Win a 4-day Holiday Mathematics Explorer Camp worth $180 from eiMaths. Exclusively for KiasuParents members.

<Update on 16 Nov> This contest has ended. Congratulations to Ms Emily Ong, who has been selected as the winner!

Dear Parents,

Almost every new student registration comes with the parents’ concerns that the child must keep pace with all that’s new and challenging in today’s Maths.  Almost no parent knows whether the child is able to learn and cope with the pace of all that is new and challenging, And most parents do not know what is actually NEW and what is exactly CHALLENGING.

There are so many Maths programs out there that claim to be new, best, innovative, etc, etc. But eiMaths is different in one aspect, it has proven to bring the students’ ability level from Below Average, or just average to Above Average.   Why is that possible? Because the program is truly INNOVATIVE, (by designing many hands-on syllabus based activities for students to learn and discover concepts) and CHALLENGING (by teaching students different Heuristics Problem Solving Strategies)

The program has shown that new students barely touch the eiMaths’ level of average ability at entry, and they would struggle in the early months.  The average marks of the new students are usually between 60% and 70%.   

But no one remains at that ‘Below’ average point of entry, and all would be above average after 1 to 2 years.   By the second or third year they would become ‘star pupils’ of their class.  And their average marks would be in the 90’s.

Refer to our proven TESTIMONIALS and RESULTS.


As this program is intensive and challenging, waiting for the child to perform poorly in school before joining the program will not benefit the child fully because the concepts cannot be learned in a few short months.  

So the earlier the child starts this program, the chances that the child will excel are very high.  And the younger the child, the easier it will be for the child to learn and master the concepts, as time is of the essence to learn and apply.   

A good time to start the program is in the Kindergarten or Lower primary. Leaving it till upper primary can be like rolling a big boulder up a hill! Time waits for no one! Starting early means your child will never be left behind.

Why CATCH-UP with tuition classes later? Start young! BUILD FOUNDATION now!

Yours sincerely,


The eiMaths team comprises dedicated and passionate educators with over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering mathematics learning programs and materials (books and manipulatives).

As professionals from the education field, our team is highly proficient in the Singapore Ministry of Education Syllabus, and we are able to bring the best to our customers by constantly keeping abreast of any changes and developments to the Education syllabus, to ensure that our programs and materials stay closely aligned to the syllabus.

This holiday, eiMaths will be organising a 4-day Holiday Mathematics Explorer Camp. It will be a fun-filled “Play and Learn” experience where the children learn Mathematical concepts and problem solving skills.

Our unique hands-on activities and heuristics problem-solving strategies will prepare your child for the new age challenging mathematics of today.

For Kindergarten students, the camp will be a PREPARATORY program to Primary One.

For all Primary levels, students will learn to BRIDGE learning gaps in the current year and EXPOSE to new topics in the coming years.

Visit to find an eiMaths centre near you or call 65 68418148 to find out more.

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Want to attend this holiday camp for free? Take part in our KiasuParents contest to win!
eiMaths is giving away a 4-day Holiday Mathematics Explorer Camp worth $180 to ONE KiasuParents member. 


Visit to find an eiMaths Centre near you or call 65 68418148 to find out more.

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