Electronic Chinese Dictionaries for PSLE

The Ministry of Education has allowed the use of electronic CL-CL dictionaries during examinations for all levels from PSLE to pre-University starting 2007.  However, only handheld electronic dictionaries that are approved by the Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board (SEAB) will be allowed for use in the CL composition component of national examinations.  Here is a guide to getting one of these e-dictionaries for your child.


There are only 2 devices available at this point.  The original is a Creative model that was developed in collaboration with MoE, but Besta has recently come up with their own.

Generally, these devices are meant to be low cost.  The original target is S$25, but with inflation, uncertain demand and costs, you are more likely to pay at least S$30 for one of these gadgets.  Even so, at these prices, the models are generally black and white, no pen-input, and AAA-size battery operated (ie. non rechargeable).

Both devices offer audio pronunciations of the words, but as they are meant to be used in an exam environment, they have no built-in speakers.  Instead, you have to plug in a headphone to listen.

The Besta model is newer, but more expensive than the Creative model.  It is slimmer and lighter, and includes a function that displays the stroke-by-stroke rendition of 2000 Chinese characters.

Approved CL-CL e-dictionary models



Hansvision Handheld Dictionary PX2051 (汉神掌上学 PX2051)

HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary

Developed by Creative Technology Ltd in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Price: S$32


  • Smart and informative.  The electronic dictionary contains a total of 36,000 terms. It includes words and phrases used in the current syllabus, as well as many others beyond the standard syllabus. Definitions of terms are both simple to understand and accurate. Developed with the help of many expert linguists and educators, model sentences are crafted to be effective and especially suitable for Singapore students.
  • Light and compact.  The HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary weighs a mere 115 grams, which is one-tenth of the weight of other common printed dictionaries.  Small and easy to carry, it’s the perfect student companion.
  • User-friendly.  Use either the PinYin or BuShou methods to look up words and phrases. HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary uses search and input methods similar to those used in the HansVision Chinese Software.
  • Advanced search functions.  HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary features various advanced search functions – such as Wildcard search, Cross check or Quick Pin Yin search – to help you find a word or phrase. So you can cut down the time taken to search for the terms that you wish to look up.
  • Audio pronunciations.  Specially designed, the dictionary is able to accurately pronounce words in its database. This greatly boosts any student’s understanding and knowledge of Mandarin.
  • More affordable than ever.  Learning a language shouldn’t be something costly. That’s why the HansVision PX2051 e-Dictionary is now available at a very affordable price, so that it doesn’t take much to learn Mandarin effectively.

Package Contents

  • e-Dictionary
  • Earphones
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Quick Start Guide
Besta All Pass-1 Computerized Dictionary

Developed by Besta Digitech Pte. Ltd

Price: $39.90


  • Built-in with Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, strengthening your learning power.
  • Built-in with writing strokes for the basic 2000 words in accordance to the Chinese character list for Primary and Secondary schools in Singapore.
  • A special hot key to show the writing sequence of the Chinese word.
  • Able to display two different types of Chinese fonts.
  • Input method for Chinese words includes both Hanyu Pinyin and total strokes.
  • All words and phrases are pronounced in accordance with its Hanyu Pinyin symbol.
  • Able to display up to 6 level of explanation through highlighting the word or phrases.






















































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