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Engaging A Nanny


My MIL was a full-time nanny of over 20 years exp.
I don’t know the current market rate but I know she used to charge between S$400-S$700 depending on whether the child stays overnight with the nanny or only during daytime.

Some parents like to make it a daily affair by letting the child sleep in their own house. So, parents usually bring the child to the nanny’s in the morning and pick them up around 7pm.

Some will let the child stay with nanny overnight during the weekdays and pick him/her on Friday nights.

Things to note:

  1. Babies this young (at 3 months) will start to recognise faces and will feel comfortable with faces which are familiar to them. So if you let the baby see you every night, it’s natural that he/she knows that you are one of the caregivers. And when you pass him/her over to the nanny in the day, it is likely that he/she will not resist too much. The parents who leave their child overnight, have a tough time because the child cries on Friday nights when they had to leave the nanny. And on Monday mornings when the child needs to leave the mother, there will be another crying episode. 
  2. The child will like the feeling of coming home, where they know that in the day, he/she will spend time here. In the night, daddy and mummy will come pick him/her up. My niece hates going home for she spent most of her life in my aunt’s house, she sleeps and eats with the aunt, not with her mum. And it is extremely tiring for the aunt, for the child wants no-one else to feed/bathe/carry/pacify her, except the aunt. 
  3. You might wanna make sure that the nanny is honest and a reliable one.

So, my advise is, please get someone that you trust or being referred to. If you can, go for daily pickup rather than leaving them overnight and check for any signs of mistreatment everyday.

Make sure the nanny’s house is child-proof.

Things to watch out:

  • Single Storey
  • Floor tiles are slip-proof
  • No glass panels around the house
  • No sharp corners
  • If child cries everytime he/she is carried by nanny, better be careful
  • Try to find out how many children and the age of the kids that nanny is taking care of. The smaller number the better and the bigger the age gap the better.

If all else fails, you might want to train a maid instead.

Hope the above is helpful.

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