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Starting from 2015, all Primary school teachers are expected to teach the new EL Syllabus using STELLAR. STELLAR stands for Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading.

“We see the MOE’s move to implement STELLAR as very positive. In fact, it is a validation of our existing teaching approach. We’ve been teaching English using the interactive approach for 21 years since our inception in 1993,” says Renee Stone, Principal at Morris Allen English.

Morris Allen English offers more than STELLAR

STELLAR aims to develop the child’s speaking and writing skills and love for reading by incorporating interactive activities such as shared reading of a variety of texts, engaging in oral discussions and providing differentiated instruction based on each child’s needs.

Morris Allen English does all of the above and more. It offers:

  • Smaller classes, closer individual attention
    Because of smaller class size , each child gets plenty of opportunities to speak English and engage in oral discussions with the teacher and classmates.

    “Having small classes means we can monitor each child’s progress closely and provide a nurturing environment where students feel safe to speak the language without fear of making mistakes. This enables the child to speak with confidence,” says Ms Stone.


  • Greater variety, wider exposure
    Morris Allen English teachers make learning interesting by using the shared reading approach and a variety of external stimuli.

    The children either read as a class, in pairs or to the class, stories from big books and interesting texts from everyday reading materials such as magazines, maps, newspapers, and brochures. These will pique the children’s curiosity, stimulate their love for reading and expand their general knowledge.


  • Ample oral practice
    Children studying at Morris Allen English do remarkably well in oral examinations. They develop excellent oral speaking skills by answering questions, participating in debates, giving presentations, telling their news, or simply, interacting with oral language games.


  • Excellent modelling for speaking and writing
    Morris Allen English teachers are all degree holders who are MOE-registered, trained EL specialists from UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. By interacting with native English speakers, children get to listen and model correct speech patterns.

    They also write better compositions by learning creative writing and basic editing skills.

    “Our students are fast learners because they learn the rules of grammar and new vocabulary in the correct context and in a fun, interactive way,” says Ms Stone.


Get your child ready for change.

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