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Enhance Innate Skills of Inquiry, Investigation and Innovation through Play

There comes a time when our curious little ones start asking questions like “Mommy/Daddy, why is the moon following us?”, “Where do clouds come from?”, “Why are we on the ground and not floating in the air?”  and so on.  With questions like these, our children are letting us know they are thinking about how the world works.  As parents, we ought to respond in ways that encourage their learning and scientific thinking. 

After all, children are natural scientists with innate skills which make them Inquire, Investigate and Innovate.

KidsSTOP™, Singapore’s only children’s science centre, provides opportunities for both children and their parents to discover the wonders of the world in a safe, fun and hands-on environment.  Children learn not only in the classroom but via more than 20 exhibits which complements what they learn. Nothing beats learning through actual experiences!

For example, at Flight and Space, we allow children to build their own flying structure to ‘fly’ in a wind tube. At Kiddie Theatre, children learn about movie making and even create their own stop motion videos. At Dino Pit, parents can join their children in uncovering tyrannosaurus fossils. There are many more exhibits that children can learn through play.

The year-end holidays are here again. So if you are planning a fun way to spend time meaningfully with your children, look no further as KidsSTOP™ is the place for your children to play and learn, and to have a great time together!

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