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Enrichment Magazines for Every Primary School Subject

Requests for school materials to be bought tend to flood in most at the start of the school year. Every flyer promoting a particular resource might appear like it’s a must have! Here, we introduce you to some enrichment magazines that can be a supplementary resource for the core subject and the common ones that parents subscribe to.

English and General Enrichment

1. What’s Up
Started by two educators and designed as a resource to teach English and other subjects. Award winning monthly newspaper that covers news like an adult newspapers including world affairs, business, the arts, sports, entertainment and so on – presented in a way that’s comprehensible and compelling for young readers. 10 issues a year.


Inspire [P1 & P2 ]

A 2-in-1 magazine that incorporates stories and activities. Learning English made interesting and help develop reader’s character and values and at the same time. 8 issues a year with 32 pages per issue.


Story Box [Ages 6 – 8]
Adventure Box [Ages 8 – 10]
Discovery Box [Ages 9 – 12]

Originated from the UK, this reading resource includes stories that cover a wide range of genres and topics. Content and activities are informative and useful in building skills like literacy and numerical skills. 10 issues a year.




小拇指 [P1 & P2]
大拇指 [P3- P6]

A colourful Chinese newspaper with rich illustrations and content that makes learning fun and lively. Aims to enhance the use of the language through news and lively stories. This is a bi-weekly publication.

2. 好朋友 [ P1 & P2]
[P3 & P4]
知识报 [P5 & P6]

A Chinese publication that is useful as a supplementary resource to textbooks and for self-learning or revision. Follows the Primary Chinese syllabus including practice questions of examination format. 35 issues a year.




+ Venture in Maths [P1 – P3]

+Venture in Solving Maths Problems [P4 – P6]

Mathematics magazine based on MOE syllabus that includes many activities and innovative learning techniques. Suitable to interest children in the subject and pick up related concepts. 16 issues a year.


Science and Nature

1. Science Adventures [Levels 1-3]

A Science magazine fully illustrated using comic strips and colours to arouse children’s curiosity and widen their view of the world around them. 10 issues a year.

2. Junior Young Scientists [Pre-schoolers]
Young Scientists Level 1 [P1 & P2]
Young Scientists Level 2 [P3 & P4]
Young Scientists Level 3 [P5 & P6]

Science magazine that explains concepts using highest standard of colourful animation in comic industry. Includes Lower and Upper Block of latest Primary Science syllabus. 10 issues a year.

3. National Geographic Little Kids [Ages 3 to 6]
National Geographic Kids [Ages 7 to 12]

Features natural habitats from all over the world presented in a cheery style using articles and fun facts. Magazine includes weird facts and cool games in every issue. 6 and 10 issues respectively a year.

Spoilt for choices? Every magazine is good, as it introduces the child to a whole new world! Budding scientists or story writers in the making!


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