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Equipping Preschoolers with Life Skills through Fun Learning

Quality early childhood education has long-term positive impact on learning and development. This is a belief held by Dr Christine Chen, founder and president for Association of Early Childhood Educators (AECES), and one that Our First Steps Preschool embraces too.

Opening on 11 July 2015, Our First Steps Preschool is a premium infant and childcare centre that has been set up based on the advice of Dr Christine Chen. Its philosophy emphasises not just opening the door to the path of lifelong learning but guiding and nurturing little kids until they develop their independence by equipping them with life skills such as emotional intelligence (EQ), confidence and social skills.

One of its mission is to provide affordable and quality childcare, education and enrichment programmes. It also wants to create a safe and comfortable environment that offers parents a peace of mind.

To help children reach their maximum potential, Our First Steps Preschool focuses on developing their strengths and talents via a holistic curriculum with an emphasis on learning through fun, with the support of highly qualified and dedicated teachers and caregivers. This involves a thematic play-based curriculum approach, complemented by enrichment classes from well-established organizations that share Our First Step Preschool’s educational philosophies.

IQ, EQ, social and confidence skills

Conducted by professional trainers from People Impact, Our First Step Preschool’s Brain Training programme is catered to meet each child’s individual needs and learning patterns, so as to achieve his or her maximum potential. Regular assessments are conducted to help assess the child’s strengths and development areas.

Speech & Drama

The creative programme, offered in partnership with Centre Stage, capitalises on children’s absolute enjoyment for role-playing to nurture their self-confidence, sociability, expression, creativity and imaginative skills.

Music & Movement

Partnering with Kindermusik, the leading provider in early childhood music curriculum, musical learning is taken to the next level by providing enhanced multi-sensorial stimulation in a fun way.


Through Letterland’s unique and systematic phonics programme that links phonic information directly to a child’s long-term memory, children’s reading and writing skills are developed in a fun way.


Since Our First Steps Preschool also embraces other internationally acclaimed teaching pedagogies, such as the Reggio Emilia approach which emphasises the natural development of children and the relationship they share with their environment, kids are also offered opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

These include outdoor learning journeys at least once a quarter to introduce real-life applications of the lessons learnt in school and overnight camping session for K2 children, where they get to hone their organisational skills by planning for the camps with their fellow students and teachers. What’s more, the centre also boasts an interactive and versatile playground with a wide variety of sports and mind intriguing games that will surely keep the kids happily active.

Our First Steps Preschool also has an Infant Care programme that is in line with its mission to provide a cosy and secure environment where parents will feel safe leaving their child. Besides meeting the infants and toddlers’ basic needs for food, attention and personal care, the centre’s caregivers are trained to engage them in sensorial experiences, develop their gross and fine motor skills, encourage their language and cognitive growth, as well as help them make social and emotional connections. What’s more, babies can also benefit from a music and movement curriculum by Kindermusik to enhance their growth and development.



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