Exam Making Tips (Part II)

How to answer exam questions?
There are usually 5 type of Questions in written exam:

1. Multiple Choice
– Read question carefully, don’t look at answer 1st to see if you know the answer to the question.
– Use elimination techniques
– Look at all choices before making decision

2. True/False
– Watch out for Extreme words and qualifying words

Extreme words:
always, never, best, worst, everybody, no one, etc..
If you can think of anything that is against the statement, the statement is false.
e.g. The paper is always white. (true/false)
false. as brown paper is not white.

Qualifying words (more chance to have true statement)
usually, sometimes, most, few, probably, unlikely, etc..

– watch out for negative words.
e.g. 2 negative = possitive
not uncommon=common

3. Matching
– attempt the easy match 1st.

4. Fill in the Blank
– Trust your instinct.
– look for clue/keywords
e.g. an_____, a noun behind ‘an’ should start with vowel.
– Fill in the choice words in blank one by one and read to see which one make sense.

5. Essay/composition
– Brainstorming
– Organize
– Introduction
– supporting idea
– conclusion
– proofreading (check spelling, grammar, etc)

For Oral Exam:

– Stand straight
– Greet the teacher, using loud and clear voice.
– keep eye contact
– For picture show and tell, describe:
1. When, where
2. Who are on the picture?
3. What are they doing, what happened?
4. How do you feel? or conclusion.

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