Exam-making tips (Part III)

Exam tips in reading comprehension/spelling/math:

1.Reading Comprehension
Before reading, ask yourself
“who or what the passage is about?”
“where does it take place?”

– Reading the question before reading passage.
Knowing what you are looking for, will help you read with more understanding

– Make a mental picture
while you read, make a mental picture of story.

– Underline key words

2. Spelling
-write the words with picture beside them.
Make up the story or relation
e.g. Friend (friday is the end of the week and that’s when I meet my friend)
– use phonics to help with spelling.

3. Math
-estimation for verifying:
Estimation will help you verify that the real answer is in the right direction. e.g 38+51=? round up to 40+50=90
-always show the detail work beside the question.
even if the answer is wrong,the teacher will give some credit for the correct method that you use.

new expectation of maths papers

hmm i think now students should be trained to not expect maths questions to be in ascending order of difficulty. There are always complaints from recent years of how students’ psychological well-being is affected for the rest of the paper after encountering a harder question in the middle.

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