Exam-Taking Tips (part I)

As the SA2 is coming, I read some material that can help my child in preparing and taking the exam. Below are my notes, hope other parents and students can benefit from it too.

Before exam:

Get Organized:
-organized your study place.
-Mark your calendar on the exam date, so that you can have enough time to prepare for the exam. Don’t wait for the last minutes before exam.

During exam:
Attempt Questions:
-Pay attention to the instruction of what you are asking to do.
-Avoid careless mistake, write neatly.
-Answer the easiest questions first. Make a mark on the difficult question that reminds yourself to come back later.

Time management:
-Use time wisely. Check your pace. Speed up the pace if you can, but don’t rush.
Accurate is better than fast

Check work:
-Check with before hand it in. Makes sure all the questions has completed.
-Only change the answer when you have good reason to do so as your first answer is usually the best.

After Exam:
– Learn from the mistake.
study the exam paper to see what kinds of mistake you were making (careless, don’t know, etc), correct the mistake.
– Revise, revise, revise.
Don’t throw all the things that you learn back to teacher.
Revise frequently.

monfort secondary

Ive received both negative and positive feedbacks on Montford Sec. My boy sat for his PSLE this year and we are now looking for options for Sec school. I live along Hougang Ave 8, a stone’s throw away from Montfort. Can someone pls tell me if I am making a blunder in choosing Montfort as one of the options…



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