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Excel in Chinese with Memory Techniques!

Memory Ark Chinese Language Enhancement Course is a unique enrichment course. What is distinctive about this course is such that it aims to help students to improve their Chinese through memory techniques. Join us this holiday as you drown in a sea of fascinating facts about the human brain and how you can utilise your memory capabilities to improve your Chinese. This methodology is the first-ever to be taught in Singapore!


Dear parents, memory techniques can solve the following challenges faced by your child:

  • difficulty writing Chinese characters accurately
  • uncertainty to the meaning of certain Chinese terms and idioms
  • difficulty comprehending Chinese close comprehension
  • difficulty comprehending written essays


Memory Ark specialises in providing memory techniques to teach your child how to memorise Chinese characters and idioms to enhance their written and spoken Chinese Language. Memory Ark focuses on teaching students to learn and apply these memory techniques into Chinese Language; to develop an independent study ability that is also applicable to other subjects.


In this course, your child will learn to:

  • Associate Chinese characters with pictures
  • Structure linkages between Chinese terms
  • Memorize a series of commonly used Chinese idioms 
  • Memorize key Chinese Proverbs     
  • Memorize appealing Chinese phrases used in written essays
  • Retain the entire content of Chinese articles in their memory


What your child can achieve at the end of the course:

  • Enhanced imagination & creativity, making learning Chinese easy and enjoyable
  • Personalize memory system to store information
  • Memorize 20 idioms in 5 minutes
  • Memorize 30 Chinese wordings in 5 minutes
  • Memorize the Chinese idiom dictionary with ease
  • Master the technique of memorizing Chinese characters
  • Adopt the technique of memorizing Chinese essays
  • Possess better written and oral communication skills
  • Develop a lifelong study ability applicable to many practical situations

Registration Process:

  1. Click here to fill up application form.
  2. Proceed to make payment via bank transfer to Memory Ark Pte. Ltd. upon receiving a registration notification e-mail.
  3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail upon successful payment.
  4. Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to call Gerald Lim at 9793 1887 or email us at


About the trainer

  • Holder of 6 Singapore Book of Records
  • Successfully trained students to achieve Singapore Book of Records on the Most Random Words Memorised in 5 minutes
  • Expertise in memorisation of commonly used Chinese Idioms
  • Guest Speaker at the Association of Professionals Trainers Singapore (APTS)
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