Excelling at PSLE and in Life

When progressive parent Monica Lim searched for an enrichment school for her son Christian, she was looking for one that taught skills extending beyond the classroom. She enrolled her son in LogicMills’ Analytical Thinking Skills course, a 32-week program that teaches children aged seven and above how to think independently and improve their reasoning skills.

Monica, the co-founder of a well known kindergarten in Singapore, did not see LogicMills classes as just another enrichment class but a core requirement in her child’s educational needs.

“I picked the LogicMills ATS course as I wanted Christian to gain not just study skills but skills for his future work and for life,” said Monica.

Her son Christian James Lim, 12, recently completed his PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). Christian scored straight A’s in the exams and clinched a spot in the secondary school of his choice.

“He scored A’s in all his PSLE subjects and an A* in English, which is his second favourite subject,” Monica shared. What she was most happy about was that Christian managed to secure a coveted place in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) which is a Specialized Independent School recently launched by the Singapore Government.

Monica believes that her son’s success in selection tests and interviews required to enter the SST was due in no small part to the ATS training he received at LogicMills. “There was very stiff competition in the selection process from many good students all over the world so I am proud of his achievement thus far.”

“Christian is a lot better at analyzing situations and arguments and expressing his own point of view in a clear and refined way at school,” Monica added. “He now has a reputation among his peers as being a leader and a walking dictionary.”

In addition to excelling at school, Monica has observed other remarkable changes in her son’s personality. “My husband and I have noticed that Christian is more mature in many ways as compared to his peers,” Monica said. “We hear this from other adults who teach or interact with him as well, and while we can’t attribute it to LogicMills’ ATS course alone, we are certain that it has contributed to this. It helped give Christian a distinct confidence in his abilities.”

“I would most certainly be recommending LogicMills’ ATS course to parents because it can be such a powerful tool to equip our children with,” Monica effused. “We can see the positive changes in Christian from the conversations he has with us, his siblings and friends.”

Proud parent Monica with her son Christian (Proud parent Monica with her son Christian)

The LogicMills School of Thinking is an MOE-Registered school that teaches Analytical Thinking Skills™ to children aged 4-16 through various interactive card and board games. By engaging children in an enjoyable activity, they are able to learn advanced academic concepts that are usually studied at the university level and apply them to schoolwork and their personal lives. The LogicMills ATS® course is proven to improve academic grades across all core subjects as well as boost IQ.


New PSLE Intensive ATS® Course (Starting 31st May)

We took our proven Analytical Thinking Skills™ course and condensed it into just three months, allowing your child to refine his thinking before taking the PSLE this year.  As a bonus, our teachers will also provide your child with indispensible tips on how to apply their newfound skills and prepare for the exams.
Call us at 6883-2171 to register. Limited places available.

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