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Technology is pervasive in our daily lives. From ordering food delivery at a touch of our smartphones to driverless smart cars, technology is constantly changing the way we live, work and play.

At CodeSmarter, we aim to equip our students with skills to master such technology and the first step is typically to build a strong programming foundation. Many technological advances have their roots in programming and the ability to perform coding will not just be a niche for IT personnel but an essential skill for everyone. 

What makes CodeSmarter different from other coding academies?

At CodeSmarter, we operate differently from other coding schools. We teach our students programming languages used in professional settings such as Javascript, Python, etc. Students get their hands dirty by using these professional programming languages to perform basic to advanced tasks and this will give them the much needed experience and confidence to solve future complex problems.

Most other coding schools teach simplified programming languages such as Scratch which is designed for children but unfortunately has no professional application. As such, the students will need to spend additional time learning the actual programming languages used in the real world. This subsequently takes up more of their time which is scarce especially if they are juggling with their academic studies and co-curricular activities in school.

Hence, at CodeSmarter, we believe in training our students the Smarter way.

Train Once, Train Right. 

Would children be able to learn such programming languages at a young age?

We have devised a children-friendly learning environment for students as young as 9 years old to experiment with simple language commands.

For example, one of our early lessons is to teach the students how to instruct a lost kitten to navigate its way out of a maze by recognizing obstacles and bypassing them. It is very similar to how robot vacuum cleaners work in our home. This helps to introduce the concept of logic thinking for children and will provide a strong foundation for more complex concepts.

I am not sure if my children are going into the IT field/career. Wouldn’t learning coding be a waste of their time?

While we subscribe to the ideal world where learning new skills is a way to develop our minds, we recognize the reality where we have limited resources and would not be able to do or learn everything. However, we believe coding skills would be integral to the workplace of the future for everyone and not just for IT professionals.

I have a friend who works as a sales engineer for machinery used in heavy industries. He took on a programming course out of pure interest. After the course, he found that some of the work done in the company can be automated with the help of programming. He started to work on automating a program that builds a system which  incorporates several of the company’s machineries to meet customer’s requirements. Previously, such systems needed to be put together by a team of different engineers but by understanding the criteria needed, he managed to integrate everything into a single program. This project of his went all the way up to the CEO. He was recognized for his innovative work, was promoted, and put on a fast track career path.

Hence coding knowledge is not just a domain for people working in the IT industry. It can be utilized in many different ways to help save time and resources.

Would you be able to conduct lessons online?

We want the best for your children but as much as we would like to conduct lessons remotely, we have found out from our experience that teaching coding needs to be face-to-face for more effective learning to take place. In one instance, we had 3 students logged in remotely and each of them encountered different issues during the coding exercise. The instructor could only attend to one student at a time, leaving the rest waiting. However if they are together physically, the instructor can multitask easily to instruct multiple students at the same time.



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