Eye Examinations for Pre-schoolers

If child is not having any vision problems prior to pre-school age, then shouldn’t need to go for any eye exam.

Both my children had their first eye check up in their kindergarten. Twice, which was during K1 and K2… Prior to the eye exam, children will bring back a letter and consent form for parents to sign in allowing their children to be examined. A report will be duly given on the day of the eye exam itself, done during school hours.

The letter will indicate the organisation conducting the eye exam, and what kind of exam will be done in usually a week or two. This helps parents ensure their children will be in school on the said date of the eye exam. There will be additional memo for parents, whose children are required to go for follow up eye test at their GP or the Polyclinic.

Both my children also had their eye exam done (free) during their 4-yr old developmental assessment at the Polyclinic. During this time, children are encouraged to know all the alphabets. Apart from it being a part of a child’s milestone it also assists in the efficiency of the eye exam itself.

Both my children had to go for follow up, so we went to Polyclinic. P2 was diagnosed as having mild astigmatism. When i asked what that actually meant, the lady said in layman terms, the eyeball not exactly round. At that statement, i looked at P2 and joked with her, "Oh gosh! Your eyeballs are SQUARE!" Lady was a little tickled and continued to explain that, it meant P2 more often had to rely on one to look at her surroundings or the school whiteboard. If there were some written notes on either left or right side of the board, she tends to turn her head to look at them. If she looks straight and tries to take a look at the notes, it’ll be sort of produces a blurry effect in vision… Some sort like that lah, how she explained.. Not in exact words tho.  Was sent off with results from the astig test which was done twice just to be sure she said.. (how sweet) and no glasses required.

K2 was diagnosed as heavily myopic at 4 years old (Polyclinic Exam). But doc said too early to put her on glasses. Not such a good idea… Sent us back with a follow up letter to return in 6 months time. Was told to give her lotsa carrots to eat! And look at greenery as much as she can to help improve… Pray and pray it does improve cause she may need to don glasses for sure.

After 6 mths, it was slightly better. Doc still said he’ll want us to monitor her reading and viewing the tele habits. Ensure good posture during reading and writing, also reminded to provide sufficient lighting during such activities. No follow up required as by the next 6 mths, she will be doing her eye exam in K1. The people will have a detailed assessment sent to the Polyclinic for the next one. And if her vision test shows no improvement, off spectacle hunting it wud be…

At K1, test came back….  Perfect vision.

Now… i wonder, how’d that happen… heheeehe… Laughing



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Heyya MMM,

I was told that P2’s astigmatism was like a borderline case.

She actually showed me how the test was conducted.

She asked P2 to look at the letters and numbers on the white

board, kept changing font size… As fonts got smaller, she told

me quietly to observe that P2 wud move a head to a slight tilt or

turn to adjust her vision to see if more clearly. A normal vision

person wud be able to just roll the eyeball to the corner and see

the same thing just fine So, because the results to the test came

out with borderline scores – TWICE… we were dismissed with

just a follow up check up which wud be done in Primary school.

Phew, lor.. Close one.

We’ve all heard how carrot consumption helps with sight, but that

is generally for short / long sighted issues… Wonder if those orange

veggies help with astig too… hmmmm…


PS : Ur hubs is right abt the precision clear part… When not assisted with

specs, only not clear a bit. But if adjust a bit… ok lah. However, if

adjusting is not convenient or comfortable for your child, it might slow

down her school work. I wud get 2nd opinion to help make final decision on

whether to still go with the specs or without…

For us parents, we pity our kiddies lah, so young wear specs already. I’ve heard in those

specs shop that if children always have to adjust vision by squinting of seeing a bit blur,

it wud eventually deteriorate the eyesight. So to that he said, children shud wear it at all

times.. But then agn, if they dun say it like that, how to sell any specs right?




 My girl has been wearing glasses for pure astimatism since K1. I think her degree is around 200. Recently at P2, hubby told her to stop wearning glasses unless she needs it for reading. He also has astimatism around 200 and he told me that without glasses, she would be able to see except that it is not precision clear.

Hubby’s rationale was her eyes are still developing so iso being heavily dependent on glasses, she should only wear when necessarily so that her eyes can develop…

Any views/ experience on this? Such as does gg without specs really help?


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