Facebook Groups for Primary School Parents

It’s hard to imagine that not too long ago, online forums were the primary outlets for parents seeking instant friendships. Today’s parents have a myriad of networking options, and WhatsApp appears to be the preferred connection platform, at least for now. In some schools, parent chat groups are established on the very day that children are assigned to classes, and these groups help parents keep abreast of daily assignments and class developments, as well as school updates.

There’s no doubt that WhatsApp groups are a great source of support, but if you’re a parent who logs into Facebook regularly, consider exploring Facebook interest groups as well, as they provide safe, informal spaces to seek advice and tap into a wealth of information contributed by a diverse pool of members. If notifications bother you, simply turn them off.

That said, not all Facebook parenting groups are useful—some have become inactive, or worse, overrun with promotional posts by bloggers and enrichment-service providers. However, you can join and leave groups at will, and below are some groups you can check out. You can also search for “PSLE Parents” in Facebook to see if there is a group that suits your needs. If not, start your own!

SG Primary School Parents
Moderated by a former secondary school teacher, this is the place to be if you want to stay informed about curriculum changes. Members share education-related news and tips, as well as relevant blog posts. Homework questions are seldom posted here, but instead, members seek advice on tutors and enrichment classes, or discuss challenges encountered in the course of helping their children with schoolwork.

Homelearning Support!
Formed by a mother with an interest in homeschooling, this group focuses on workshops, enrichment activities, and learning resources for primary schoolchildren. Bloggers frequently post educational giveaways here, and members are welcome to propose community-building challenges, such as sharing favourite kid lit titles for 30 days.

PSLE Teaching Tips Sharing
This tutor-run group is for parents who are doubling up as teachers to their kids. Homework questions are posted here, but unlike in other groups where parents seek solutions to tricky problems, the focus is on teaching strategies. Members also share useful teaching resources.

Maths Model Method
With over 10,000 members, this is the place to be for math assistance—groups like these are a free alternative to tutoring apps.

PSLE Science
Stumped by a science question? Post it here to seek help. With over 7,000 members in the group, you won’t have to wait too long for an answer.

The Pique Lab – Parent Support
This is another group for sharing science questions, and the tutors who run the group occasionally share resources that they’ve created.

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