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Family Friendly Restaurants


Famous for their kid’s meal, very value for money ice cream and the frequently updated toy that comes with it.

McDonald’s Queensway
At Ridout Tea Garden. Beautiful setting and a sheltered outdoor playground. The kids will also get to see the tortoises and fishes in the "pond" in front of the restaurant. Families of tortoises resting on the sides of the pond and on the

McDonald’s West Coast Park
While this McDonalds does not have its own playground, it has west coast park right behind and there are more than five playgrounds over there.

McDonald’s Kallang
Probably one of  the most famous McDonalds with a playground. This one also has a Mc Cafe.

Sembawang Shopping Mall Rooftop Playground

This roof top playground on the third level has a wet area and a dry playground. The dry playground is sheltered with very close proximity to the three surrounding eateries:

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room 湾仔香港奶茶店
This one have nice Hong Kong style food. The glass panels let you keep an eye on the kids playing right outside.

Astons Specialities
Value for money western food if all the comments from Hungry Go Where is anything to go by.

Ajisen Ramen
Nice reasonably priced Japanese food with yummy kids meal.

Where: Level 3, 604 Sembawang Road, Sembawang Shopping Centre

Other Interesting Restaurants with play areas

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar

Like a Japanese version of Marche, this Japanese restaurant at the basement of Raffles City have lots of variety. Kids will enjoy watching their food being prepared and there is a play area featuring several sets of toys with kids furniture.

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Sol Playground Cafe
There is an outdoor playground and an indoor play area and the food looks yummy. There is even a balloon sculpting class.
For more info

Scrumptious Cafe (Closed)
Contributed by autumnbronze
Right on the same row as Sol Playground Cafe, this hangout have adequate reading material for adults and children, and an indoor play area and a nail bar too. The kids have their own miniature sofa and tables to sit on. Plus there is yummy, fluffy pancakes and good food on the menu.

The Tanglin Tree

This Aussie restaurant have an outdoor playground build like a little house. Bet my active boy is going to love it.
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Detailed and useful to add in play areas!

Good places!

Good places! I’m bringing my son to one of these places!

Sembawang Shopping Mall Roof Top Playground

I have been to SSC playground, is fun for kids!

Aston western food is good and value for $, only thing is slow service.

good to know and keep at

good to know and keep at the back of the head when going out with kids!

Art and craft

Any body knows of the art and craft shop at suntec 3rd level ?



Wow!  Nice restaurants & fun too!  Will check out your listing again when I have more time to take a closer look!

thanks for compilation

thanks for compilation

family eating places with play facilities for kids

Coincidentally, my kids and I were at Bottle Tree in Yishun last weekend. Remember to pack extra clothing and towel if you plan to go! Have posted some pics to share too., or visit!

Thanks! McDonalds, Korean

Thanks! McDonalds, Korean and Japanese Restaurant always work! 😀

Thanks. Good info.

Thanks. Good info.

For those staying at West,

For those staying at West, some additional options include:

  •  IMM at Jurong East has a fantastic wet and sheltered dry playground. Right outside one restaurant-I-can’t-remember-the-name at same level. Parking is free for 1st 3 hours.
  • Science Centre Mcdonalds – right outside is scientific fun for children to explore. Parking is free.
  • New SAFRA near Jurong Point which boasts the largest Kidz Amaze maze! It is a fully integrated 3-storey playscape system with the Asia’s highest indoor spiral slides; and is also the tallest interactive Foamball Arena. Quite a few restaurants beside it.


Thank you !  I have more

Thank you !  I have more options now.

Oh this is very good

Oh this is very good information!

The Shikudo Japanese Food

The Shikudo Japanese Food Bazaar looks interesting!
Like the Marche concept, will def bring my son to try!

Thanks autumnbronze  for

Thanks autumnbronze  for sharing! Will definetly check this out when I am at Turf city.  I love fluffy pancakes too.

watmekiasu, sad to say Globetrotters has closed down. DS love their playground with mini kitchen set.

Thanks for clarifying,mummyjoyce 🙂

Globetrotters has closed in

Globetrotters has closed in Untied Sq for sometimes already.

How about Globetrotters at

How about Globetrotters at United Square?  Nice, safe  perpexed glass room with playground  facilities just next to dning area.

Hi Mincy,Thx for the

Hi Mincy,

Thx for the input.  I love bringing my son to Sembawang SC.  He loves the wet play area and I love browsing ard/shopping at Daiso.

I will most certainly patronise the amk branch of Macs.  I have passed by the area, but never realized that there was a sheltered playgrd.

I’d like to  suggest another place which is child friendly.  It called Scrumptious located along thew same row Sol playgrd/Cafe (Turf City).  The staff are v v frdly, there are adequate reading material for adults and children, and there is an indoor play area and a nail bar too. The kids have their own miniature sofa and tables to sit on.  I am there evry week and my DS loves their fluffy pancake.   Personally, I prefer this to Sol as I think the latter’s F&B aren’t that fantastic, unless they may have improved as its been a yr since I patronised the place.

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