Firm Foundations

My wife and I attended this great event last month. It’s called ‘Firm Foundations’, organized by the National Health Promotion Board for parents of young children.  It is rather well organised with relevant topics on caring for young kids, best of all, it costs only $3 per parent!

I found exactly 1 blog entry that pretty much captured my positive thoughts about it:

If you come across it again, be sure to attend it.

P1 chinese has lots of

P1 chinese has lots of hanyu pinyin, helps if the kid has knowledge of it before P1.  As for abacus, does help in calculating faster, but it would not be helpful if the kid does not know how to interpret the problem sums in the first place.

Hi, I will suggest Hanyu


I will suggest Hanyu PinYin.

All chinese in Primary 1 are taught with hanyu pinyin. Hence it will be good for your child to start to have a grip of hanyu pinyin first.

As for Abacus, its very much based on indiviidual preferences. For some parents i know, they claimed that their child did the maths sum faster. But for me, abacus is a passe thing and are not in sync with today’s teaching of creative maths.

That’s just my suggestion.

I would advice you to visit popular and take a look at their Primary 1 asessement books and you will understand more on what is more relevant for your child.




Abacus or Hanyu Pinyin


My gal is going to 5 years coming Apr. I want to enrol her in either Abacus or Hanyu Pinyin course.

Can anyone advise which is more important in Primary One?

Thanks in Advance

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