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First Anniversary in The Shichida Method

A few of my blog readers e-mailed me and asked me for comments on The Shichida Method. After evaluating this program for a year, I do have a few positive comments to share with all of you. My son started this program a year ago when he was 10 months old.
This term, July – Sept 09, marks his first anniversary in The Shichida Method. However, I don’t have any amazing incident to share in terms of his extraordinary achievements as compared to other children. I don’t expect him to turn genius within a year. Neither am I expecting any fantastic results from him.
From the start of the program, I have a set of realistic expectations. I hope that my little boy can master the linguistic and mathematical concepts by the age of three. I also hope that he can develop excellent memory, good attention span and positive attitude towards learning.
Our first term was tough. I was struggling hard to digest what it is all about. He had very little interest in flashcards and the activities introduced in the class. Most of time, he was crawling around the classroom, climbing up the table and even sleeping! I was too ambitious then, I wanted to teach him everything. When he showed little interest to learn, I was feeling exasperated and lost.
Somewhere during the second term, it finally hit me. I realized that I should stop putting pressure on ourselves. I changed my mindset. It wasn’t easy, but I had to. I let him learn on his own pace, enjoy our Saturday lessons and continue to do home practice faithfully as often as we can. Both of us felt more relaxed.
From the third term onwards, his attention span and interest towards flashcards increased dramatically. He participated in the class activities with ease. He enjoyed music play, flashcards, finger training, memory games and most of the activities in the class. He has developed into a confident and happy toddler.

Now, he understands concepts and things very well. He is enthusiastic about learning. Every night, he wants me to practice flashcards with him. We have about half an hour of home practice – we practice picture cards, dot cards, memory games, music play and I also read some nursery books to him. He enjoys attending the Shichida classes and home practices.

Apart from learning, The Shichida Method has also influenced the way I raise my child. Prior joining the program, I have very little knowledge about the right brain ability. Then I realized that the first 3 years of life are critical when the child is fast absorbing information and eager to learn.  We should provide massive inputs to stimulate their five senses regularly. 

The program has not only enriched my son, but also myself in becoming a good parent. The Shichida Method emphasizes on unconditional love as the key to open a child’s heart and mind. I realized the importance of touch, a firm hug, a gentle pat and encouraging words to draw out my child’s potential. I learnt the right approach and I’m motivated to enjoy parenthood to the fullest.  

Other parents may see me as a competitive or kiasu mother who enrolled my son to school at a tender age of 10 months old. Some may even think that it’s a waste of money. But all these didn’t bother me. I have faith in my son. The genius in him will sprout one day. I will help him to find his strengths and dreams, and continue to provide him with the best education.



Thank you for sharing. DD

Thank you for sharing. DD turns 10 months on National Day. DH wants to send her to Shichida but I’m not keen. Let’s see how it goes .

Thanks so much to share your thought

I passed through similar experiences (all the frustrations) and now I feel the same way as you. Not that I have witnessed extraordinary success in my little princesses. But how the shichida class changed me & my husband’s mindset and made us better aware about our children development and to become a better parents.

Just for others, there is really no shortcut for success. Don’t waste your money here if you just look for miracle and have no strong commitment and plan to work with your child.

SO its Shichida and NOT Little Neuro Tree?

born in massachusetts, usa on 6th oct 2008 — my name is lucas wan!

I am curious to know which is better.. i am a kiasu but super lazy mom.. as time flies, the flashcards in my place seemed to be flying around too..

should i put my boy in a school already?

Sounds like a lot of

Sounds like a lot of commitment haha…. but then again, having a child is the biggest commitment of all =)

Thanks for the insight!

Many thanks for your

Many thanks for your testimony! i am glad that we share the same problem. i will perserve and reap my harvest in time to come!

I think things we learn and

I think things we learn and consistency using the program make it work more than the program itself.

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