First Day of the School – Primary 1

So finally the day had arrived 04th January 2011, 1st day of the formal schooling for my DS1.
One night before that D-Day, we both ie me and my DH were very excited and nervous also Embarassed We packed bag for DS1 put in all the labels.. checked all the books, uniform, shoes, socks, stationary. Checked again then again so that we shouldnt miss anything.
Asked DS1 to sleep on time so that he gets up on time. I took full day of the leave so that I can go with DS1 in the school. The school was very kind and allowed all the parents of P1 to stay for whole day in the school for 2 days Love Love
In the morning got up at 6.30 am and woke up DS1.. he was also very excited and got up immediately took the shower and had some milk… he got ready also very fast without any fuss. DH gave some pocket money and told him to use wisely.. my gosh he was so excited to have some money all for himself Razz
We went down for his school bus and viola the bus was on time at 7.20… DS1 went on the school bus where as I went into the public bus.

In the school when I reached all the students had gathered into a big ground for flag hosting and pledge. By the time I reached at 7.40 my DS was already there. All the kids were seated see the below pics

So many anxious parents were there and looking at their kids lovingly and almost all taking the pictures

Then the flag hosting and the pledge started.. most of it was sang by P4 students and above rest were just mumbling….

Later all the students were asked to hold hands and goto the class room

The new principal Mdm Vimi looked very nice and graceful in grey skirt and was quite humble

In the classroom all the students were seated and the kids looked quite relaxed due to nice teachers..

After that all the parents were requested to go either at home or attend free preparation for primary 1 in english and chinese.
I attended the one in English and the speaker Serina Cheung was quite nice and I learnt lots of nice things. New Principal also gave small speach and said that the bag of the kids shouldnt be more than 20% of the kid’s weight and she saw in the morning lots of parents over stuffed the bags.. she also assured that she will try to have lockers in the school so that kids shouldnt be carrying more baggage everyday. There was nice game as well where with the cards one has to express the feeling they have for today…It ran for ard 2 hrs later they served us cake and water so nice of them…
After that we went down and it was recess time and the canteen was full of kids and parents equally Rolling Eyes

The money which DH gave it to DS1 was all over when I reached there within 5 mins.. he got the drinks with it no food Shocked
anyways gave him the cake and he was with his buddy looked to be P3 student and quite nice.
After that I left the school since I knew my child is now in good hands and will be taken care Love Love

The school bus was supposed to reach by 1.50 but was quite late due to parents asking lots of questions at each stop and was trying to reach the bus operator and driver but was of no use… anyways such glitches are ok on 1st few days and he reached by 2.20…
He was quite happy and told the whole story after I left from there how he got lost when getting into the bus but some teacher showed him the way and he was behaving that he has now become big boy Rolling Eyes

So overall lovely experience and will be remembered for very long time. Celebrate

All The best

All the best for the P1 registration!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing :) i still

Thanks for sharing đŸ™‚

i still have 1 and a half yr to go

Things remain the same

Yes things remain the same just that people changes!!!

It was the same when I was

It was the same when I was in P1. I had a buddy, and the parents were allowed to stay at school for almost the whole day. I was sooooooooooo nervous then.

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