Five Key Reasons To Send Your Child To Dulwich College Kindergarten School (DUCKS) – Ages 2 To 7 Years

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DUCKS is located within the campus of Dulwich College (Singapore), a leading international school with a British independent school ethos, which draws upon a proud 400-year heritage of excellence, innovation and values of the founding school in London. Dulwich College Kindergarten School delivers a challenging, ambitious and holistic education enabling students to discover and develop their full potential. It caters to children from ages 2 to 7, providing a happy and purposeful introduction to learning and an emphasis on pastoral care establishing a warm and welcoming environment within the school.

DUCKS is a dual language environment (English and Mandarin) where every class is taught by at least one native English-speaking teacher and one native Mandarin-speaking teacher. Children are fully immersed in both languages all day and the aim is for them to be confident and competent in both languages. Acquiring proficiency in more than one language broadens children’s horizons, promoting endless possibilities for social and emotional growth, alongside academic development. As well as being immersed in a dual language environment, DUCKS children also have daily Mandarin lessons.

In DUCKS a balance is struck between student self-guided explorations and explicit teaching of core competencies, particularly in reading, writing, phonics, maths and Mandarin, ensuring that children are able to meet developmental milestones and achieve their academic potential. Teachers extend and challenge students in areas of strength and interest.  This might involve additional maths for children who demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of numbers or enabling children to lead a lesson on a subject they have particular knowledge in. There is also a variety of leadership positions open to DUCKS children including Student Council, House Captains, Ecowarriors and Techsperts. This allows each child to follow their own personalized pathway within a range of curriculum areas. Dulwich believes that all children should have the opportunity to meet their potential and perform highly in areas in which they have particular talents and skills.

Specialist teachers are a particular highlight of the Early Years Programme at Dulwich. All DUCKS children have weekly swimming lessons using the school’s three pools, and from the age of 5 years old, the children have specialist PE, music and choir lessons. The children also have weekly specialist library lessons in a beautiful dedicated Early Years library and plenty of opportunities for drama, with all children performing in the 740-seat professional theatre regularly. The DUCKS specialist teacher programme allows children who have particular talents to excel and meet their own potential in specific areas of the curriculum like music, sport, drama and art.

The purpose-built state-of-the-art campus offers outstanding facilities designed to nurture the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of the younger students at Dulwich. The world class DUCKS facilities include three swimming pools, playing fields and indoor gymnasium, a rooftop bike track, their own library, two dining rooms, butterfly garden, water play area, Forest School, and a professional kitchen. DUCKS children also have regular access to the Performing Arts Centre with three theatres.

The Forest School at Dulwich College (Singapore) uses the outdoors as a means to build independence and self-esteem in children. The opportunity to learn through nature sees children flourish in a range of skills, not least language and literacy. The natural environment gives children an opportunity to take measured risks, collaborate with peers, design their own challenges and problem-solve.  In DUCKS, there is a dedicated outdoor area where children in the Early Years go to Forest School on a weekly basis with the Forest School leader. Activities might include making a fire, roasting marshmallows, sawing wood or digging trenches. This allows children to develop and apply academic skills, build emotional resilience, and learn to manage risk through self-initiated interactions with nature.

Dulwich College Kindergarten School supports every child’s unique learning journey, nurturing confident young learners who take pride in their achievements.

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Mon 22/11/2021