Five Things to Keep The Romance In Our Marriage Alive

Just for fun…

As parents, we are often caught up with the daily grind of looking into our children’s affairs, swotting over work and battling with household chores that never seem to end. We seem to give our time to everyone else except to ourselves and, perhaps, our significant other.

Of late, there has been much discussions in the Relationships thread on topics like “Extra Marital Affairs”, “Cheating Spouses”, “Spouse or Child First?”, “Temptations”, which can ben rather depressing and disconcerting to read at times.

Increasingly, we hear and read of stories, and even know of friends or relatives who are going through a rough patch in their marriage.

In the spirit that Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we are also starting a brand new lunar year, I think it may be a good idea to come up with ideas on how we can rekindle the romance in our marriage. Think about why we fall in love with our significant other and keep the flames of romance in our marriage burning.

Before some start to say, “who has the time?”, “too tired”, “all I wanna is sleep” or “I’ve got laundry/ironing/deadlines… to worry about”. Wait!! Despite our very busy schedule, let’s take the time to give ourselves an occasional “time out” from our kids and work obligations.

Here are my tongue-in-cheek suggestions of :  5 things to keep the romance in your marriage alive

  1. Sunrise surprise
    • Too tired for games night? Well, plan the day with a wake-up call. Set the alarm clock 15 minutes early and surprise your significant other with a sunrise surprise. Trust me, that 15 minutes of sleep which you sacrificed is definitely worth it. What better way to start the day than with a smile on your face. (all puns intended… Evil )
  2. Rub-a-dub-dub
    • No time for the *ahems*? Park the kids in front of the TV. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to use the TV as babysitter. Then, when the kids are preoccupied, take a shower together. You get your highs and a shower too at the same time. Best of all, with rising utilities rates, you can save on your water bill too if you shower together.
  3. Dress up
    • Who doesn’t want to look good?! Doll yourself up and make yourself look good. When we take the effort to improve on our image, our self-esteem increases as well. For ladies, we don’t need to go for the “opera” or “wayang” look with full make-up. We can reserve that for special occasions. Sometimes, all it takes is the humble lipstick. It will definitely add colour to our face.  In turn, when we look and feel good about ourselves, we are also dressing up because we want to look presentable and attractive in our significant other’s company.  So, whether we dress up for ourselves or we dress up for our man (or woman), hey! it gives us an excuse to go for some retail therapy. Nothing like some shopping to get our endorphins going !!
  4. Dress down
    • What better way to uncover the secrets that victoria is keeping. And if there’s no secrets to tell, then, we can always settle on sweet nothings to keep things spicy.
  5. Flower Power
    • You don’t need an occasion or reason to buy flowers. And it need not be roses. Flowers are cheerful and brighten up the ambience in your home. But whatever you do, don’t get the cactus. You want the romance of flowers and not a thorny love affair.

So, these are my 5 humble things. You may have your own 5 to share.

May your mornings always start with a smile and your day ends with a satisfied sigh.

Happy Romancing Love

Great article, thanks

Great article, thanks schweppes. I like the shower together one best. Saves water too.

will try some of your tips.

will try some of your tips. tks.

Great tips Littlefly.

Great tips Littlefly. Thanks. I like the part of being "chef at home". Will watch those cooking shows on Travel and Living to get some wonderful recipe ideas!! 

Thanks Jesschan for great

Thanks Jesschan for great suggestion. We did that once and it was a very nice couple experience. Have never seen DH looking positively "radiant" and "glowing" after the facial scrub!! 

Chef at Home - whipping up

Chef at Home – whipping up his/her favourite dishes

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries together

Pick up a leisure activity both will enjoy – like a kite if you haven’t done so



Another suggestion

Go for a spa message together. Nowadays, there are quite a few couple spa packages which are very relaxing!

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