FREE 1-week TutorMe:Chinese trial worth $73. Only for 1st 100 sign-ups!

Is your child having difficulty with his/her Chinese homework? Are you looking for a Chinese tutor to coach your primary or secondary school child in ting xie (听写), composition and more?

KiasuParents has partnered with TutorMe: Chinese, an online ‘live’ tutoring platform by StarHub and Connected Learning, to offer a free 1-week trial worth $73 to our members.


Simply click the link above to register your interest and the 1st 100 registered members to do so will be entitled to the free 1-week trial!*

*Applicable only to new customers and redeemable once per child. Participants in this exclusive offer must also be KiasuParents members. Register here if you’re not yet a member. Other terms and conditions apply.


About TutorMe:Chinese

TutorMe: Chinese allows children to benefit from tuition at home, saving precious travelling time and expenses of attending a physical tutoring lesson. Boasting an excellent track record, TutorMe:Chinese encourages students to tackle learning from new angles, thus giving them invaluable exposure to the language.

Main Benefits of TutorMe: Chinese

  • Online learning through fun and interactive ways
  • Small class size of not more than 4 students per group
  • Customised lessons based on individual students’ progress
  • Monthly personalised progress reports for parents
  • Teaching materials aligned to MOE’s latest syllabus for Primary 1 to Secondary 5
  • Highly-trained teachers providing inquiry-based learning techniques that cultivate independent and self-directed learning

What Parents Say

My son, who is in P4 this year, enjoyed the trial lesson, not to mention the fun of using the PC and earpiece, so I decided to sign him up for regular lessons. He has been taking lesson for about a year now.

During the lessons, my son goes through reading from the textbook, writing words in his own exercise book (word, meaning, pinyin), pronunciation and linked words. The teacher will also focus on teaching him how to make short sentences by asking him to verbalise the sentences. After receiving tuition via TutorMe, he finally managed to pass his Chinese exam…”

– Ms Eileen Seah, mother of Damien Tan (10 years old)


The ‘live’ tuition is conducted by natives in China. They are very fluent in Mandarin and have accurate pronunciation. Most importantly, they can communicate well with my boy and are extremely patient with him. I was quite sceptical about him receiving online tuition for the first time because he is quite active and may get fidgety. In fact, during each of the one-hour lessons, he may sometimes wander around or try to watch his online favourite entertainment videos during a short lesson break. But the tutors will always get his attention back by calling out to him or gently chides him for getting distracted with other activities.

-Ms Gin Ong, mother of Josh Lim (Pri 2)


My child has been on TutorMe for approximately two years and it’s still ongoing. After my son attended the lessons, he enjoyed them so much that he never complained… It has become a routine to him.

The best part is, you need not travel. Lessons go on in all kinds of weather conditions and you get to rest or do your own thing while someone helps you to revise with your child. My son is doing better and better in MT. How not to improve when they recap and make him write the new words he learnt in previous lessons… regularly for three times a week?

They follow the school syllabus and in fact, teach more words than the school textbook. They communicate with your child in Mandarin three hours a week; they teach / practice oral & listening comprehension too!!!!!

-Joshey Jackey, who posted this feedback on our KiasuParents forum


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