Free Flash Cards- Famous Works of Art

This set of flashcards consist of 10 pieces of well known work of art. Work shown include Statue of David, Pieta, The Last Supper, Impression, Sunrise, The Starry Night, The Red Room, Great Wave of Kanagawa, The Scream, The Thinker and Potrait of Adele BlochBauer 1.

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How do I download the flash card? How do I download


Thanks for Sharing

Many thanks for the flash card…

Actually, I kind of enjoy

Actually, I kind of enjoy making them. We do flash cards at home too. For us it is a great way to expose DS to a variety of topics.

Well done! Great effort, really appreciated!


Really Kudos to you! How did u manage to find the time to do all these free flashcards and post them online? Really appreciate your effort! Will inform all friends with children to use them so that ur effort will be fully utilised! 🙂

thanks for sharing!

thanks for sharing!

Hey, I must sincerely say

Hey, I must sincerely say thank you soooo much for the flashcards… I cant believe you could do such a great job and on so many topics!!! Last weekend, I just started finding the pictures for SEA flags and it took me a while. You have saved so much of my time now and I really truely appreciate it!


Good JOb!


Thanks for sharing!

really appreciate it!

thanks again & well done

Good question radianmum!

Good question radianmum! and good idea too. Sorry, I have not include that but that’s a good idea! Will update this page soon with the intro to the works.  Thanks for the suggestion

The pictures are from the good old wikipedia and contributed by the generous people there. The details for those with share alike licenses are in the slides. There are many beautiful artworks …pity cannot include all of them

Thanks! Do they come with

Thanks! Do they come with introduction of each pc of work? Where can you get them and are they expensive?

thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

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