Free Flash Cards – Flowers

11 types of flowers were shown in this set of flash cards. Flowers that can be commonly seen around Singapore or appear frequently in popular culture or literature are choosen for this set.  

Flowers in this set includes: Bougainvillea, Chrysanthemum, Lotus, Orchid, Rose, Sunflowers.

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Eistein Never Used Flash Cards

My baby is about one year old. I’ve been reading about the flash cards methods and I just discovered there is a book by the title of Eistein Never Used Flash Cards. I’m still reading the book, will share more when I’m done 😉

I use combination of method

I use combination of method 1 & 2 listed by mincy , and write my own Flashcards too. My children recognise words. Meaning when i flash them the word CLAP, they will do the action, take a paper out and write CLAP.. they can still tell u its clap. Give them a book with CLAP, they can pick it up too. They could demonstrate all these bel0w one year old. SO i think its quite good.


Whether it  is good

Whether it  is good depends on the results you are looking for… here’s is my understanding some of the intended results of some method of  flash card flashing and/or my two cents.

1. Glen Doman – Teach Kids to read, math, encyclopaedic knowledge using flash cards. – This has been around since GD wrote his books in the 70s. Some parents swore that they work. Children basically become able learn faster and know more things.

2. Shichida Method – Open up the "right brain" which means kids will be able to absorb information faster and have better memory. Some kids can identify the exact number of dots in one card at one glance.  In general children who are train in this method have better memory, but then, this method is not just about flash cards but involves other activities as well.

3. Just a good tool to introduce new stuff quickly for your kid that you may not be able to other wise. – Of course, this may need to be reinforced with either seeing the actual stuff and more information from books but then they have some basis of information to work on. For the parents too, the activity makes parents do the research on the accurate name of things so we learn together.


flash card

it is a very good/useful method?

anyone who train their child by usingflash card and what is the result??

not sure whether the child will recognise the word or picture or sequence?



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