Free Flash Cards – Musical Symbols

This set of cards introduces frequently used musical symbols. The symbols covered include the staff, notes such as semibreve, minim, dotted minim, crochet, quaver, semiquaver, treble clef and bass clef, flat and sharp.

You need to be registered and login to download the PPS file, Alternatively the editable and printable powerpoint file can be downloaded here

great cards

thank you for sharing these flashcards. my son enjoys it very much. my nephews are attending right brain classes, (i think its Heguru Sembawang) and i’m totally impressed by how flash cards improves children with their memory and concentration. Any videos on how to use or “flash” these cards? According to my sister, flashcards need to be flashed at fast speed (1 sec per card?) to be effective.





just nice i was looking for

just nice i was looking for something like this

What browser are you using?

Hi mmmother, what browser are you using?  Since you are able to post, you must have logged in correctly.  Were you able to click on the link to download?  Did the download freeze halfway?

I just checked it on MS IE and it worked fine for me.

Cannot download Flashcard..

Can someone advise me why I can’t download the flash card even when I try to login in several times.

I just join this afternoon.



Flash Card Download Ok

The flash cards download are ok now.

No downloads yet

No… it’s not you… it’s us.  We’ve just moved to our new server and still waiting for our local DNS to fully propagate the domain name change.  Please do bear with us for a couple more days.  Thank you.

Unable to download the flash-cards

Hello – I have just registered coz interested to start up my boy for his learning program. But, I’m unable to download (error message: Page Not Found) for most of the articles regarding flash-cards.

Is it because I’m really "fresh-from-the-oven" new member?

Please enlighten. Thanks!


Thanks! Just what i needed


Just what i needed to occupy my 2 yr old for now. 🙂

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