Free Flash Cards – Under the Sea


This set of flash cards consist of 5 images of marine creatures. Includes  Clown Fish, Dolphin, Stingray,Sea Turtle, Star Fish.

You need to be registered and login to download the PPS file, Alternatively the editable and printable powerpoint file can be downloaded here



How do I download the flash card? How do I download

thanks :)

alamak bÜds me not expert lah. pai seh…very long never make liao. take care gal

concern2 , Yes, I think commercial cards do have less option because of IP issues…in fact many of the pictures used are from people who kindly share their images on the condition that we share it with others alike.

flash cards

Thanks Mincy!

Came across so many flash cards promotion lately, but not many of their pictures are impressive. You know, I find the best flash cards are actually those made by mothers. (Thanks mincy!) You can feel the love coming through those cards – no play play leh – those pictures are so well chosen you know moms must have gone through hundreds of pix to select the best. Off course, commercial ones may have limitations in intellectual property rights issue, can’t blame I suppose…?

Cool Stuff!

Cool stuff as usual by our own flash expert, mincy!

Love it… and have downloaded it… in case later on

got another coming.


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