Free iphone applications which make parenting easier

Being a new iphone user, I am pleasantly surprised to discover that it can actually make my life as a parent easier. Here are some applications that I have found on my one short week of having the iphone that blow me (& DS) away.

1. iWriteWords Lite
I would never imagine that getting DS to practise his pre-writing skills can be so effortless. Instead of the usual coaxing, DS actuatlly plead to practsed writing his ABCs and 123s with this application which show the DS the correct sequences of strokes and reward him every step of the way!

2. Shape Builder LITE 
The Preschool Learning Puzzle Game. A Jigsaw puzzle coupled with and alphabet word recognition, this educational game kept him engaged and occupied


3. Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Bedtime reading can now be done with the lights off plus this free download comes with hundreds of stories. DS now get a differnt story aday. There is also a version by of Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen.


4. Audiobooks
This application is syn with a free project where authors record audio books of classics for free. There is all the classics you can think of. Those suitable for children include the Adventure of Tom Sawyer, The wonderful Wizard of Oz, They even have Di zi gui in Cantonese and Mandrain!


For those who do not want an iphone but still want access to the applications, there is always the ipod touch which supposedly support the same applications as iphone, sans the phone features.


Check out this page for more apps

good recommendation

good recommendation. d/l now!

Not only Iphone is the In thing.. Ipad too


I was never an iphone nor ipad user.. till this thing comes to ‘live’ and now is the in thing..

I got hold of an ipad 1 last year when my ds suddenly came to me and said ‘Mummy, can you get me an ipad?’ and he was only 5yo.. I was like ‘Huh.. why you need an ipad?’ Can’t remember what was his answer.. but I still got him one and gave it to him as his last year Christmas present.. I was fortunate that I got it at a cheaper price as it was our Company’s Annual Lucky Prize.. and the winner didn’t want .. so sold it to me at a lower than retail price..

So, now both hb and ds can’t live without it.. day in and day out.. you can see both of them played with it.. charged it when battery is low.. and starts to play again.. *faintz*..

I have no problem with that as long he does not neglect his homework and stuff like, he knows when to take a break etc… but I do have some complaints with hb.. as now he is more attracted to this ipad than ME.. lol..

Now my #2 also wants to play.. and sometimes my boy will fight with her over it.. and I have to shout at both of them that I will take away the ipad if they do not learn the meaning of ‘sharing’

Now, they are better.. 🙂

And now.. I can recontract my phone line.. so my turn to get an iphone.. wahahaha…




Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing mintcc.

FREE iPhone apps I downloaded for DD:

First Words (audio color & numbers)

FirstWords Sampler (audio flashcards)

Animals Lite/Colors Lite/Fruits Lite (Audio flashcards)

eFlash English (audio flashcards) the one with the most pics & categories but you have to put up with ads.

FlashFree (audio animated flashcards developed by a Korean) quite nice


Thanks a lot for letting me

Thanks a lot for letting me know about thiss app

Hi guys just found out that

Hi guys just found out that in general smart phones are quite high in radiation. While so far the studies are not very conclusive on whether the radiation from cell phone will cause cancer, it is besy to avoid holding the phone at the ear. Use a headset or speaker and hold the phone away from the body when talking.

For iphone’s radiation edmission :


will watch out when next

will watch out when next time buy iphone

I am still looking for a

I am still looking for a good dictionary…. that has audio features in English and also Mandarin.

Any recommendation ?


i forgot to mention tt sashimi was keen to get the iphone originally cos he can download a free jap dictionary. although it’s free, it’s very comprehensive. recently, he got a chinese dictionary for it too.


They do get bored of it after a while 🙂 Just like I’m starting to get bored of it already. My hb just got his iPhone and he’s still into trying the different apps.

If someone came up with a

If someone came up with a similar app but for CHINESE WORDS, I’ll gladly pay for it.

My boy enjoyed it and I paid for the full version (all 4 different apps in 1). Compared to buying books, this is cheap & fun!


LittlePrincessI agree…my little girl was hooked when her cousin lend his to her and she was bugging him all the time thereafter.  How do you manage the usuage??? hence to date I’m still thinking if I should get one.

One-time payment; all downloads (legitimately) from iTunes store

tree nymph – one-time payments. 🙂 I noticed also that prices change, and often go down if you wait long enough. There are also free versions of paid apps, which you can try – these usually have some feature restrictions though (eg. less features, or less levels in a game. The latter is not a bad idea since the kids tire of games so fast, somtimes a "lite" version is all you need).

sunset-dae: apps from iTunes (which is a program installed on yoru computer and also refers to the online app store). basically when you buy an iphone, the next most important thing after charging up overnight is to download the latest itunes software onto your PC or Mac. Then start it up and connect your iphone to the computer.

This is very important so that the iphone can register itself with the itunes store. This will allow you to:  gain access to the itunes (Sg) store, register a credit card for purchases, register an email account to receive receipts. After you register online, you can also purchase apps using the App Store software in the phone itself. Apps will be downloaded by the itunes program, and you can install/manage/update/archive/delete them from itunes.

One important aspect of owning an iphone is that one can’t avoid the internet relationship. The iphone is an internet device > mobile phone.  If one is not interested in the internet, there’s almost no reason to own an iphone. IMHO anyway.

With itunes you can also sync your contacts, mp3s, etc. I sync my contacts to my gmail account, which is also my receipt account. The iphone’s email app is very easy to use too, so everything provides a seamless experience.

Some owners choose to illegally "jailbreak" the phone so that you can install apps from other sources. This voids your warranty. I feel that this is an unnecessary thing to do since the apps in general are so cheap. I mean, so many apps are US99 cents – you can’t even pay for a meal or a mid-range MRT trip with 99 UScents!

tree nymph

it’s a one time payment, AFAIK. 🙂

sashimi says the grocery list app is found at iTunes and that there are more than one so take your pick.

the IQ game dd1 was playing is called Mind Blender. 🙂

mine was worst, he lick my

mine was worst, he lick my phone as if it was a lollipop while i was sleeping..
and my phone got blacked out suddenly and declared R.I.P

The second time was he accidentally throw it into the toilet bowl!
From that day onward, i only go for phone that cost me less than $100!

This iphone is sure tempting, i saw my sis-in-law having lots of games in her iphone, like flashcards, animal games.. i wonder where she download it from…

Maybe if i buy the iphone, i will have to lock it up when im asleep!

i just got the iphone

i just got the iphone today!  but haven’t got time to try yet, i’m charging it now, will unlock the phone tomorrow morning and i hope i won’t get too hooked on it else i can never finish my work liao! 

Thanks for the intro of the applications!  when you say gotta pay USD1.99 for the full version, is it a one time payment?  i’m very green in this leh…  very sua ku!

A few suggestions

mintcc, we thought of Who Has the Biggest Brain too but thought that our P2 may get frustrated by the time limit (which I was when playing on FB).

The grocery list app I mentioned sashimi having is called Grocery List (LOL) according to sashimi. I can’t remember where he got it so I’ll have to wait till he gets home tonight to ask him for the link.

I came across one called Occupy Baby but my newborn isn’t ready for it yet. Probably for babies from 3 or 6 mths onwards?

sashimi has Paper Toss too and last night DD1 was playing some IQ/intelligence game on his iphone. Need to ask sashimi what it’s called.

Best experience ever...

Dh and I both love techno gadgets, especially phones.

I have used mainly Nokia phones after trying SE before, I swear by Nokia for the ease of use and experience.  I was using N95 and the E series before I switched to iphone.

The first day of using iphone threw me off my feet.  It was amazingly engaging as a personal gadget and no learning curve for me.  I have tonnes of apps downloaded onto it(95% free)  though I have not used them all until now.

Just to share some classifications:

1. Personal Effective Tools (from settings to compass)

2. Singapore Info & News (from bus guides to SG Malls and Carpark@SG )

3. Other communication tools (from Facebook to ebuddy)

4. Games!! (from arcade ones to brainy ones)  My fave is Othello where I pit against someone in USA, Japan or other parts of the world online.

5. Kids’ games (from eggs away to paper toss and bowling). My dd loves Sneezies Lite and Tower Free

Phone became secondary, it is now a good companion for me whereever I go….So much info in a small gadget and so connected.  I can never give enough review in one sitting, too much to say.    Only thing is surfing on it is challenging for me as the font size is quite small even when I put it in landscape.  Anyone has tips to increase the fontsize?

Thank you, sashimi!


Looks like I’ve to seriously think if I really wan that iphone or not. I researched on the web, and there’re such concerns from other users too.


Hi schellen, Sashimi

Hi schellen, Sashimi ..brain teaser type of game like the Who Has The Biggest Brain from playfish? Also thanks for the links..and tips on typing .very useful.  mathsparks, I have not gotton use of the keyboard yet too but the rest of the phone is making my life so easy that I am not complanning. Have not encounter the sweaty palms issue though..but I am very tempted to go get myself a stylus.

Sweaty hands and touchscreens

mathsparks, if I’m not mistaken, sweaty hands will affect touchscreen accuracy. Apple uses capacitive touchscreens – this means that the screen detects your touch by the tiny electrical charge your body generates. So liquid will affect the accuracy. i think.

By and large, if anyone is new to touchscreens, including working the keypad, be patient – it takes some time for a newbie to get used to a touchscreen. For me it took 2 weeks when i first owned an LG Viewty. You’ll feel all wobbly and uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to it it’s pretty ok. Apple’s touchscreens are pretty much among the best in the market – try another touchscreen phone from LG, Samsung, etc. and you’ll understand.

As for the iphone qwerty keyboard, did you all know that it corrects for you? It’s not the same as the T9 dictionary – kinda better. Eg. if you type "youll" your iphone will change it to "you’ll" with the apostrophe. If you type "mstch" the iphone will change it to "match". If you don’t want the change, you just tape the word as it appears with the "x".

Other tricks – type 2 spaces to get a full stop at the end of a sentence.

Back to apps – if you like, visit these blogs for reviews, latest deals, etc. I use them regularly:



I agree with Sashimi..

I didnt get an iPhone because I also didnt like the idea of switching to Singtel.

Thank goodness M1 now has it in store.

Now I WANT ONE!!!!!!!


iPhones are good for the

iPhones are good for the people who have an active lifestyle, so they can email, talk, SMS, all from the same network. If you want to get a phone that is safe for your kids or something, you could get a Nokia E Series or a Blackberry.


sweaty fingers

Just wondering if iphone works for users with sweaty fingers.

currently using an itouch before deciding whether to get an iphone. I can be happily surfing but after say, half hour, the screen becomes unresponsive, and when i touch a link, the screen simply minimises then max again.  wonder if its coz of sweaty fingers, or itouch problem…and i hate the qwerty keyboard. do ppl get used to their iphone touchscreen keyboard, or do you guys cursed and swear and regret your purchase.




Hi buds, You have more

Hi buds,

You have more bargaining power.. so maybe u can ask chief to get it for the coming auction. 

Hi Mintcc, Your new name is

Hi Mintcc,

Your new name is nice too. U mean we can actually change our name ?

Ladies, please think twice

Ladies, please think twice before u allow your hubby or boyfriend to buy the iphone. The i phone is so good that my hubby get "addicted" to it. Even my kids will "quarrel" over the iphone because they want to play the games from the iphone. But honestly, it is really a very good phone. A lot of applications inside, somemore most of the applications are free.

As much as I hate Apple's elitist attitudes....

I completely concede that the iPhone is a marvel of a device. And as I keep trying to explain to people, it is so unlike a "mobile phone" it ought not be called an iphone.

Finally got myself one thanks to M1 (as I hate Singtel even more), and not looking back any more. The only other possible contender that comes close is the rapidly maturing Android OS bring developed by Google.

Anyway, yes, the iphone can pretty much occupy anyone at home, including the kids (like me). schellen and I have discovered many interesting and free apps for – well, more for the baby/toddler rather than a P2 girl.

My current tactic with DD1 is that I show her an app, and if she has forgotten it by the next day, I won’t get it for her, hahahaha!

I am still looking for a brain teaser type of game for DD2. Currently I have Mindblender as well as Hangman (among other non-"educational" games).  Any recommendations?

Not that over the xmas and NY hols a lot of apps have gone on discount, so it’s been a very good time to buy.


I’ll show this to sashimi since he’s been scouring the app stores for stuff to download lately, free or not. My DD1 also plays with his phone occasionally. I think sashimi can recommend a few more apps but more for busy parents, like the grocery list one. 🙂

wah, Nokia series E also

wah, Nokia series E also good woah…got keypad too …yeah know what you mean about kids dropping it…my DS like to snatch mine iphone. And when he is with his cousins.. everyone wants to play with it and I will be praying they don drop it.

may be I should get DS an ipod touch so he will leave my iphone alone….



Great Post and *cry*

Heyya mintcc,

Thanks, great post!!

Should have listened to DH when he kept telling me to get it.  But I kept resisting, even though I had heard of its ‘wonders’ cuz afraid that DS play with it and might drop it (he did it for the last one, hence I had to change).  

In the end, bought a Nokia series E …. 



Hi kiasimom, yup the

Hi kiasimom, yup the applications are freeee!  The "lite" ones like iWriteWords and Shape Builder have a "full" version for USD $1.99.  The Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Audio Recordings were completely free.

chamonix yes! I am discovering more interesting apps as the days goes. The travel software were also great for learning foreign languages and surfing  KSP on the road

Yup nmhmumbuds . I change my nick recently. Was feeling craving for mint choclate chip icecream one nite …

iPhone for auction

Am waiting for the iPhone or iTablet for the next auction..

Yah nmhmum, she used to go by mincy and now more

creative nick… mintcc.


Great supporter of iphone

Yes, iphone has been a great saviour for killing time! In fact, our PSP has been casted aside since iphone joins us 🙂

There are 2 types of applications – free and paid ones. The free ones usually allow limited play while the paid ones allow full access to the programs. But the charges are farily affordable, from $0.99 onwards, for games and other educational programs.

Our favourites – ebooks, puzzle games, piano, chess, langauges etc. They even have flash cards for baby! In the past, I’ll have to lug around stuff like Rush Hour etc, but now with iphone, all I need is iphone itself. Yup, Rush Hour is free on iphone 🙂 And it’s a great help for languages. There’s a few applications related to learning new vocabulary. It comes with meanings, prounciation etc. 

I must confess the iphone comes in handy once we are outside of the house. They can read (though screen is small, the font on some ebook applications are adjustable), play or enjoy listening to music. A real good buy! 🙂  

Hi mintcc, Did u change

Hi mintcc,

Did u change name recently ?

Hi. Are all the


Are all the applications that you mentioned comes free?

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