Free Online Learning Resource for A Level Chemistry that every JC student would find useful

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Singapore’s education system is ranked highly in the world and we have no shortage of good public and private educators. Our bookstores are also teeming with ten year series, assessment books and guidebooks so students are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting hardcopy resources.

Interestingly there are very few good and reliable online learning resources produced locally even though 84% of individuals in Singapore are internet users as of 2017

Chemistry Guru, a tuition centre based in Singapore specialising in A Level Chemistry, has a comprehensive video resource that students can learn chemistry for free. The content is highly relevant to local students taking the current H2 Chemistry syllabus (Subject Code 9729).

Chemistry Guru’s founder Maverick Puah is a full-time Chemistry tutor in Singapore since 2010 and shares short video lessons on A Level Chemistry via his website and YouTube Channel.


His YouTube Channel was launched in 2014 and has garnered a humble following of more than 2000 subscribers. There are currently more than a hundred videos on the channel and Maverick has been uploading videos on a weekly basis.

His website is also well received internationally and many of the video lessons are highly ranked on Google as of 26 Apr 2019.

Ranked Number 1 for “dot and cross diagram”, concept in Chemical Bonding

chemistry guru

Ranked Number 1 for “hydrogen oxygen fuel cell”, concept in Electrochemistry

chemistry guru

Ranked Number 3 for “free radical substitution”, concept in Organic Chemistry

chemistry guru

On the website, each video lesson has detailed explanations, screenshots of important concepts and links to other related chemistry concepts which follows a wikipedia style of connecting various ideas that students find intuitive to navigate.

chemistry guru


Each video targets a specific concept or question and Maverick prefers to keep his videos concise and simple to watch, which is a refreshing change from reading huge chunks of information from notes and textbooks.

His dedication and efforts to provide free chemistry videos online are well appreciated by Singapore students and some of them even use them as revision for their A Levels.

chemistry guru

Apart from the usual ten year series and guidebooks that can be purchased from bookstores, students now have an additional online video resource to supplement their chemistry revision for A Levels.

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Fri 03/05/2019