Free talk and demonstration “Your Child’s Creative Spirit”

What is creativity? What does it have to do with our behaviour and how we live? How does it affect us?

By the very nature of our existence, we are creative. Picture creativity as a current—similar to electricity, and that current is wired up and connected to each and every one of us. It is an enormous current, but because we don’t feel it, we are mostly unaware of its existence.

When we make something e.g. a painting, a cake, a house—even a sandcastle–we are told we are being creative. Most of us believe that some people are more creative than others, and become artists of some kind, but that is confusing talent with creativity. The current of creativity is the same in all of us. The child gives us the perfect example of this creativity in their play. Play is the tool by which the child learns of themselves and the world. The child’s play is always creative, as they need, in some way, to invent what it is they wish to comprehend.

Formal education often clouds our innate knowing of the creativity we experience as a child, and we lose sight of this delightful essence. It is replaced with knowledge that is derived from a mechanical way of being. Becoming aware once more of our true creativity is like clicking on a switch and opening a never-ending stream of possibilities— we feel the enormous potential that is really who we are, as opposed to who we think we are.

©by Gerry Hillier Director, Other Ways of Learning Pte Ltd

You are invited to a free talk and demonstration

"Your Child’s Creative Spirit"

Find out what it means to be creative and how we can use our inherent creativity to transform our lives and the lives of our children.

As parents, discover why it is so important for children’s development, to offer them experiences that will enhance their imaginative process, and allow them to explore their own joyful creativity. Through these experiences they will develop confidence, awareness and the ability to express themselves.

This free talk and demonstration will give you a sample of how you can help your child reconnect with his or her creative essence.

Date: Sunday March 7, 2010
Time (choose one) : 9.30—11.30 am;
                                 or 1.30—3.30 pm
Venue: Hortpark, Leaf Room

Seats are limited to 25 pax per session, so register early by sending an email to with your name, address, contact number as well as the preferred slot latest by 28 Feb,2010.

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thanks for infor.

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