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Fun and Educational things to do with Kids this Christmas

Hark! The herald angels sing! Glory to the newborn king!

The festive season is upon us all, and what better time is there to unleash your child’s creativity through hands-on crafts, baking and musical projects? Bond with your kids over fun projects this Christmas holiday, and have unforgettable laughs with these craft ideas that will stimulate your child’s inventive mind.

Put on a Christmas Play

Acclimatize your child to public speaking by putting on a play for relatives this Christmas. Develop your child’s confidence from his formative years and let him display his talents amongst supportive family. Preparing for a play involves teamwork and brainstorming – so gather the kids and watch them explore the possibilities together!

Allow your kids to plink out melodies of Christmas songs for the play with the help of an easy-to-understand guidebook like Play Piano in a Flash for Kids! for fun and easy instructions to playing an instrument.

Make Christmas Decorations

Heading to the store to buy expensive Christmas decorations? Stop! Give your wallet a treat this year by working with your child to create affordable and personalized decorations. Hone your child’s metal dexterity by letting him explore different materials and compelling him to think out of the box.

For example, instruct your child to make an Angel or Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer by providing him with newspapers, ping-pong balls, paint, glitter, cardboard toilet rolls and glue to explore the options! Watch as he stretches his limited materials to create beautiful results – he may well far surpass your expectations!

And psst – nudge your child further down the path of creativity by allowing him to make his own costumes for the Christmas play. Girls and boys can use ribbons and old clothes to fashion one-of-a-kind costumes.

Tip: Place bits of material around the house and encourage your kids to hunt for and identify the materials needed for their projects for an educational treasure-hunt you can effortlessly organize! Get more craft ideas from this ultimate Craft Book filled with pages of colourful and ingenious DIY ideas.

Prepare easy, healthy and delicious meals

With junior master chefs cooking up storms of fine dishes in competitions nowadays, allow your child to try his hand at rustling up some grub. Spark his interest in cooking from an early age with easy-to-cook snacks from Pillsbury’s Fast and Healthy Meals for Kids that are also perfect for parents who have run out of cooking ideas to satisfy their kids – these recipes are so mouth-wateringly delicious, kids will be clamoring for a second serving!

Quell the misconception that eating healthy cannot be yummy and whip up a batch of Oatmeal Berry Pancakes  for a nutritious yet lip-smackingly shiok meal. Get your kids to enjoy eating their veggies with the Mac ‘n’ Cheese with Broccoli and Honey-Mustard Coleslaw with Apples. Mmmm.

Plan a vacation together

Hone your child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder by planning a vacation together. Look through a travel book and make lists of places to visit with your child. This will cultivate his interest in the rest of the world and allow him to be aware of the universe that he exists in.

Wrap Christmas Presents and Make Christmas Cards

Get your children to relieve your chores by helping to wrap Christmas gifts and make cards for the relatives. Flaunt your uniqueness by wrapping your gifts with personalized wrapping paper – simply give your kids large A3 sheets of Mahjong paper and let them unleash their doodling skills with markers and crayons to create one-of-a-kind wrapping paper!

Kids can learn to draw their favourite cartoon characters and develop their doodling skills with a comprehensive Book on Drawing Cartoons  filled with cute sketches and easy instructions.

It’s also unbelievably easy to make beautiful Christmas cards that are sure to impress – you’ve just got to expand your imagination! Draw inspiration from the Complete Book of Art Ideas that is chock full of great tips, tricks and suggestions and will remain useful in years to come. Here’s a tip on how to make an easy Christmas card: simply fold colourful art paper in half and stick cotton balls along the front for an instant 3D snowball effect! Let your children get creative with everyday materials they find around the house.

Make Bookmarks

Make personalized bookmarks with your kids simply with art paper, ribbons and beads! Decorate your traditional paper bookmark with strings of beads, ribbons and even feathers for a bookmark bursting with creativity that’s impossible to ignore – all the better to encourage reading! These new bookmarks will go hand-in-hand with Christmas story books like The Nutcracker and The Night Before Christmas.

Get ready to have an unforgettable festive season with your kids this year with help from fun and easy books that make DIY – pardon the pun – a child’s play.


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