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Fun, free, online Chinese classes your child will love in 2017


We love online learning, but have you tried online group tuition? This brilliant concept gets children excited about Chinese with online, high-quality Chinese learning. For 2017, look towards Connected Learning’s popular one-week free online Chinese classes and turn that dread for Mandarin into delight.

Connected Learning is highly-raved about as one of the most convenient yet engaging places to learn Chinese. Native Chinese tutors use interactive conversation to involve students in understanding Chinese. They are skilled in online teaching, and use enquiry-based learning to drive curiosity. Because it’s online, you get the ease of home tuition minus worries about leaving them alone with a stranger. 


Free Lesson
Our favourite part is that you don’t even have to leave the house for these free sessions. Children enjoy it as well; we hear students find online classrooms more engaging and interesting compared to traditional ones. If you’ve never tried online tuition, you (and your child!) might seriously fall in love with the time and effort saved. See it below:


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It’s 2017! Show your children the joys of mastering Mandarin this year.


If your child is P1 – P3, they can choose any 3 lessons that are 1 hour long for a week.
If your child is P4 – S5, they get 2 lessons which are 1.5 hours long each for one week.

Need more details? Contact or call  8725 7379.

* Only applicable for first-timers and once per child

These qualified teachers have extensive experience in MOE syllabus, allowing them to quickly grasp your child’s current level of Chinese. But what’s better is their knack for creating interest in the often-neglected language. They will then send parents a short report at the end of the lessons detailing progress.

You can choose from a variety of timings, including working hours since your child can log in to class on their own. (You can also choose to sit in and see how teachers conduct class!)

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Lesson Formats
Students are taught in small groups of four so they benefit from both focused attention and friendly competition, which is crucial for self-motivation often lacking amongst Singaporean students.

Other benefits we love include:

  1. Monthly personalised progress reports. They compile key information in a short, easy-to-read report so you can monitor progress.
  2. Teaching materials based on MOE’s latest syllabus from P1 to S5. Teachers read Singapore news everyday and review MOE syllabus to stay up-to-date. This ensures students are progressing at the right pace and on track.

Parents said that they observed children actively picking up new Chinese words to speak to their tutor with, and those who signed up saw a rapid improvement in oral. Here are some honest reviews by KSP members:


Review on Connected Learning’s trial

The online nature means even shy children will speak up. They’ve also reduced class sizes to four students so every child gets attention. Also, online immersion lets students naturally pick up Chinese and retain it longer.

lesson-reviewReview of the tuition course

We recommend snapping up the free, quick and easy trial classes for your primary or secondary school children! Let us know how it goes and what you think of this style of learning.



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