Fun Stencil Books For Children!

My First Lettering Book

Clever lettering can turn ordinary words into extraordinary works of art!
It’s all about using your imagination and experimenting, but most
importantly, it’s about having fun. And it’s so simple!

With the aid of the easy-to-use stencils and basic guidelines in this book, you will be adding that little bit extra to your school projects, greeting cards, posters, bookmarks and even your very own party invitations. There is really no limit to the many ways you can use clever lettering.

My First Lettering Book includes:
• 6 alphabet stencils
• Cool lettering and fun pictures to trace
• Exciting projects to do
• Easy to follow step-by-step instructions

I bought this in a bookstore in a mall in Penang while we were on our short family vacation.  I wanted to buy a lot more from the store but saved on it thinking there will be other bookshops around!  I saw lotsa people scooping up great deals on powder and liquid paint in big jars going for only like RM11.00! DD1 was like 6+ years old and i remember i got it for her birthday. 7th birthday present. DD1 loves drawing, painting and all sorts of crafts.
She was ecstatic when i gave it to her. Both DD1 and DD2 had lotsa fun experimenting with the different stencils in the book when we returned to the resort. Hubs and i had nice time catching up on movies (HBO) from that evening onwards.  The girls were kept very occupied. 

The book cost only RM16.90 before their so-call sale price! 
It’s a STEAL awrite! 

I have not seen this in stores here but if you’re interested,
you can consider getting it here on its online store.

They have many other various stencil books on this website! 
Five Mile Press : Stencil Books

 LETTERING in crazy, cool, quirky style! By Klutz

Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style is a tool kit for any kid who has ever
wanted to make chunky block letters, blobby balloon letters, swirly, curly
letters… whatever. A bound-on pouch holds the tools, like fine-tipped
markers, a mechanical pencil and a white eraser (on the outside chance any
mistakes get made). Best of all? Artist’s pencils in 16 different shades turn
your words into distinctively colorful language. Use the included practice
paper to trace our illustrators’ alphabets, or copy them freehand. Not simple
enough? We also threw in five plastic stencils — two complete alphabets plus
assorted extras — to act as super-stylish training wheels.

I purchased this stencil book during last two year’s POPULAR sale @ Expo.
I think it was $15.00… The stencils are plastic for this one. I chanced upon
this same book @ Page One Vivo City. Or if you prefer… you can also buy
it online @ Amazon or Klutz. Click the blue links below to go to their sites.

> Amazon: Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirky Style (Klutz)

> Klutz : Lettering in Crazy, Cool, Quirky Style

ok...need to go Popular after

ok…need to go Popular after work today to look for these books and stencils

thanks for the info

thanks for the info

Thanks for nice

Thanks for nice tips….recently I made one with x-ray sheet. To draw curly brackets. my dd is not good in grawing them.

tks for the

tks for the recommendation.

Thanks for the

Thanks for the recommendation!

Me too!

Quote Carrotree, "Thanks Buds… reminds me of our childhood stencils (blue plastic ones), as a child, i enjoyed stenciling even though it was only one (boring) font.."

My pleasure. I remember those childhood stencils too.. my daddie got them for me. In fact they are still available in stores now. 😉 Children these days are very fortunate that human creativity caught up with time and they’re spoilt for choices. No excuse to be lazy liao. Hehee! LOLZ.


Good for scrapbooking too!

and they are cheaper as well if you are into scrapbooking.

Thanks Buds... reminds me

Thanks Buds… reminds me of our childhood stencils (blue plastic ones), as a child, i enjoyed stenciling even though it was only one (boring) font..


I love these books.

Thanks buds.

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