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Garbage? May Not Be So!

Have you ever thought of creating new craft from old materials? Don’t throw everything away. You never know what will come in handy for a craft project. Recycling stuff is better than adding to the landfills in the country and it’s also good for the environment. It saves money and it allows us to use and stretch our imagination. Here are some ideas to add to your craft book.


You may want to give this away as a homemade birthday present!

What you need:

  • old CD
  • paint markers
  • clock works (available in any DIY shop)
  • metal washer (also available in any DIY shop)

How to create it:

  • Paint the whole or part of the CD in any design you want. It can be a teddy bear, fruit, or any design. Use your imagination to make it attractive.
  • Leave it to dry completely.
  • Write the numbers round the edge of the CD. Space them evenly like in  clock face.
  • Assemble the clock works onto the CD. Place the washer on the top of the CD to keep the clock together. Get your parents to help you if you have to.


Use old crayons and a white t-shirt to make a new t-shirt for yourself!

What you need:

  • broken crayons in tiny pieces
  • wax paper
  • iron and ironing board
  • dish towel
  • white paper
  • white cloth or t-shirt

How to create it:

  • Prepare the white t-shirt by putting it on the ironing board, with the side to be designed facing up. Insert a piece of clean white paper between the layers of the t-shirt.
  • Create a pattern with the broken pieces of crayons on the t-shirt. Your pattern can include a heart, a rainbow, or simple flowers.
  • Then place the wax paper on top of the crayon pattern. Put a dish towel on top of the wax paper.
  • Set the iron on low to medium heat to melt the crayons in place.
  • Remove the towel and the wax paper to see your creation!
  • The wax will usually wash off but the colours will remain.

3. Hammered Flowers

Make note-cards, t-shirts and aprons and give them to friends!

What you need:

  • paper towels
  • plastic food wrap
  • flowers
  • art paper, white t-shirt or plain apron

How to create it:

  • Take the stems off the flowers. Lay the flowers out on white paper, plain apron, or t-shirt.
  • Place a paper towel under the top layer of the t-shirt, apron, or paper so that the colour will not soak through.
  • Put plastic food wrap on top of the flowers.
  • Hammer them until they are flat.
  • Take the plastic food wrap off and take off the petals that didn’t come off.
  • Soak the apron or t-shirt in salt water to make the ‘prints’ more permanent.


What you need:

  • colourful wrapping paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • stickers
  • cardboard

How to create it:

  • Cut a long rectangle piece out of the cardboard.
  • Cut two pieces of the colourful wrapping paper the same size as the cut-out cardboard.
  • Tape the wrapping paper on both sides of the cardboard.
  • Paste stickers to decorate it. You make also colour it.

These are just some examples of what you can do with bits of leftovers. Use your imagination to create your own art pieces! Have fun doing it.


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