General Election 2015 in the eyes of Kids

The week of 6 September 2015 saw two important events in Singapore. To the kids, they had their much-anticipated September holidays, a 1-week break from their usual busy schedule in school. To the adults, of course it had got to be the General Election 2015 (GE2015), which concluded with the People’s Action Party (PAP) winning a majority of 69.9% of the votes and the opposition claiming the remaining 30.1%. While the kids were enjoying their holiday programmes and the adults were immersed in the election speeches and updates, I took the chance to interview some kids on their views of GE2015. Here is what they had to say.

Reyden (5 years old) 

Reyden’s parents has been explaining to him how the General Election works and the different parties involved in this election. Though he is still very young, he understands the importance of voting for the party that will take care of his country. He was worried that his country would not be in good hands and end up in poverty. Then he will not have food and toys. When mommy and daddy were voting, he requested mommy to explain the voting process to him. He even asked to be updated on the voting results as they were announced late on Polling Results Night and only fell asleep close to 12 midnight.

Yang Yang (6 years old) 

General Election 2015 to him is just like Avengers vs Villains. It’s about the good guys fighting with the bad guys. The citizens will have to choose and vote who they support and the group that has the most supporters will win. The winning group will then have to protect the citizens with their power. Being an Avengers fan, he will definitely support his Avengers to fight off the Villains and monsters in Singapore. Although he is still not eligible to vote in real life, he is very much into the polling spirit. He advised his daddy to vote wisely as the polling day is the day to decide who rules the world.

Aloysius (7 years old) 

Aloysius asked his mommy if being a Member of Parliament (MP) earns a lot of money and what does an MP do. His mommy then explains to him that a MP takes care of the welfare of the citizens staying in the area. He also asked why he cannot vote as he also wants to choose who to be the MP of his estate.

Jazz (8 years old) 

Jazz says that voting is to select the ultimate leader for Singapore. She feels that managing a country is very difficult but she believes that with the support of the Singaporeans, we can achieve things easily together.

Angie (11 years old) 

When I spoke to Angie on her view on GE2015, she was very passionate about it and went on and on about her aspiration to be an MP when she grows up. She was telling me how she wants to serve the country and fight for policies to garner the best interest of the Singaporeans. She has been following very closely to the rallies and updates with her parents. Her parents have also filled her up with the background of the PAP and opposition parties. At 11 years old, she is old enough to understand the meaning of an election, which perhaps in turn has sparked off her interest to be a future politician.


Talking to these kids was really an eye opener to me. They have vivid imaginations and relate the GE2015 to battles where the winning party will rule the world. 

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