Gentle, Effective Cleansing with Foam

Most parents have very hectic schedules juggling work and family commitments. For some parents, they may even have to take care of their elderly parents who may be incontinent or bed ridden.

Caring for incontinent or bed ridden patients is no easy feat. It takes a lot of time, care and commitment for the care givers.

The Esemtan Cleansing Foam, by leading schülke brand, is quick and effective solution to clean dirty skin for bedridden and incontinent patients. With just 1 pump of the gentle foam, just apply directly onto dirty skin, leave it onto the skin for a short period of time and simply clean it off with a cloth. The Esemtan Cleansing Foam is not only convenient to use but also saves a lot of time and effort for care givers!

Esemtan Cleansing Foam contains anti-microbial active ingredients that have a germ-reducing effect and absorb the smell immediately. It also leaves no stickiness onto skin, so skin remains clean and fresh with a light, fresh scent.

Esemtan Cleansing Foam (500ml) is available in selected Guardian and Unity outlets at $21.40.

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