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Get Cooking at Home! Win The Hungry Chef Classic Boxes

Exclusive KiasuParents-The Hungry Chef contest


Win The Hungry Chef Classic Box (worth $65), comprising 3 mains and 3 sides for 2 persons!

How to win:
Simply tell us about your family’s favourite dish or post a photo of the dish with your comment on our Facebook post and tag The Hungry Chef

Contest ends when we select our Best 5 entries!

*Terms & conditions apply. Winners will be contacted via PM on KiasuParents’ Facebook page.


We all love food and as a nation we boast of having almost all the cuisines represented in Singapore. However, while we are such avid food-lovers, surprisingly few of us cook at home nowadays.

Gone are those days when cooking at home was a norm while eating out was celebration. Now cooking is reserved for special occasions and even those don’t come by very often. Look at how many families dine out for the Chinese New Year reunion dinner and you’ll understand.

Indeed, with takeaway food so conveniently available, why should busy Singaporeans cook at home? Here are some reasons to do so:

  • Research done all over the world clearly suggests that home-cooked food is healthier than what you ‘tabao’ from outside.
  • We can have better control over how much salt, sugar, oil and MSG to add to our food when we cook
  • It is up to us to decide what ingredients to use and we can always choose healthier alternatives such as whole grains and other superfoods.

Remember the excitement when mom used to make your favorite dish? Are we doing that for our kids? The so-called ‘kid’s menu’ found in restaurants usually consists of deep-fried foods or items made with complex carbohydrates like potato and refined flour or white bread.

For the sake of our children’s growth and health, take an effort to prepare healthy meals for them yourselves. What’s more, cooking and eating at home can be a great bonding time for the entire family. Kids will love when you do something special for them and they appreciate the effort. Cooking is an art and a skill which you can also pass on to your kids and create a legacy.

Get creative with food!

Presentation – colourful food, fresh ideas, new dishes – plays a big part in getting kids to be enticed with what you cook. While cooking at home is amazing, it is time consuming to find good recipes, plan the meals and get the ingredients so we tend to come up with the same dishes most of the time, dictated by what’s available in the kitchen.


Now you can simply cook and enjoy!

Introducing The Hungry Chef, who will not only plan meals and bring exciting new recipes every week but also deliver to your doorstep step-by-step recipe cards along with all the pre-measured ingredients needed to cook them.


What The Hungry Chef offers:

  • Recipes that are simple, healthy and most importantly designed to be ready in less than 30 minutes.
  • A chance to learn how to cook cuisines from different cultures from the varied recipes available, many of which are also kid-friendly.
  • Subscription for weekly deliveries or simply pick and choose from the recipes as and when you like. It’s a service to bring the fun back in the Singaporean kitchen.


For more information, check the website

Cooking at home has never been easier, and to make it even easier The Hungry Chef is offering a limited time $15 discount for first purchase.

Just use the code ‘Take15’ during checkout to avail the discount.




Home bake pizza


My kids love it so much. We decorate it together; a great bonding time for us too.

my family favourite dish

Mee hoon kueh …the comfort food made with lots of love, hubby knead the dough, kids help to tear the “mee hoon kueh” into the soup broth, and lastly topped with fried anchovies. And the whole family slurped in the comfort of home. 



Jaime Chan 

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