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Singapore knows that STEM is crucial for its future. The Straits Times ran the following headline for the opening of SUTD: “Science, technology, engineering, math skills crucial to Singapore for next 50 years: PM Lee.” Big multinational companies such as Caltex are also driving STEM education among students in Singapore with a series of initiatives for lower secondary students in local schools. Singapore’s annual IT Show at Suntec, now in its 15th year, has seen a year-on-year increase in the number of visitors and – crucially – those willing to spend money on enrichment courses and tech products. Outside of school, there are countless tuition centres in Singapore helping students maintain their math or science grades, but there is only one centre that teaches science, technology, mathematics, and entrepreneurship.

The Keys Academy is dedicated to teaching STEM the right way, with the right teachers and in the right environment.  Their spacious centre next to City Hall has its own on-site laboratory for physics, biology and chemistry.  The teachers are award-winners in their own right: Calvin Lim, Chemistry tutor, won the Wagstaff Prize and the Forth Prize awarded to the most outstanding undergraduate student in Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. A student from Nanyang Girls School described his teaching style as “engaging, easily understood and provides clear examples”.

Students are similarly enthusiastic about the teaching – one recent JC2 student simply said, “If you want to get an A in Biology, come and find Mr Wu.” Victor Wu, Biology tutor, had a cohort of 13 JC2 students in his Biology class. Nine of them achieved an A in their A-levels. The Keys Academy has a dedicated team of passionate and experienced tutors in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and inspire young minds.

Top teachers at The Keys not only prepare students for O and A level success, but also incorporate several “Keys signatures” into their tuition. They start each class with a brief discussion of how the day’s lesson relates to the real-world, and also invite industry practitioners to give a guest lecture once per term. If you’re learning about mitosis in Biology, why not learn from a DNA scientist? Students at The Keys respond to this – Caryl from St. Andrew’s JC commented “The lessons are never boring, and they’re always fun and informative so it helps me like Biology as a subject more.”

The Keys Academy employs a “brain trust” of top minds who help advise on the programmes: Amy Chua, the Tiger Mom herself, helped celebrate the launch of The Keys in Singapore in August of 2015.  A true supporter of multi-disciplinary learning, she described The Keys Academy to CNBC as the “best of both worlds” when it comes to blending thorough academic training and practical, real-world skills.

One of the cornerstones of global STEM research is Roger Kassebaum, director of the Mitchell Academy of Science and Technology in Los Angeles. Acting as the Keys’ STEM advisor, Kassebaum is a recipient of the Milken National Educator Award, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Instruction, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics STEM Lifetime Achievement Award and the Pete Conrad Innovative Teacher of the Year Award.

Top teachers, top programmes, top results, and top minds behind it all – The Keys Academy is guiding Singapore’s next generation of inquisitive STEM thinkers, and giving them the tools to remain one step ahead of the competition.

Sign up for a trial class today or the next term starting April 9th, and get your kids started on their journey to STEM stardom!

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