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Getting a Primary School

For most new Singaporean parents, getting a Primary school for their children is one of the most daunting tasks of parenthood.

The following are common steps taken by parents towards this critical milestone in their children’s life:

  1. Understanding The Singapore Primary School Registration Processes

  2. Choosing a Primary School

  3. Enhancing your chances of getting your child in your school of choice

  4. Preparing for the first day of school
    • Orientation
    • Books, stationary and uniform
    • Transport

Waiting for my Son P1 school result for the year 2016

Parents both are  having PR. My Son is in Long term. I have registered Primary school . Now waiting for the result. In case if my Son not getting any local primary schools .. then what is the solution? I need to look for any International schools, or is it possible to try directly near by local schools? Please advise me.

p1 school to advise


Can anybody advise whiCH school is better Near bukit panjang area.thank you.

I know Balestier Hill

I know Balestier Hill Primary School have many foreign students. I have seen few numbers of caucasians children in that school. 

Have you found a school?

Guess we will be in the same situation too. My hubby  has a job transfer to SG. Both my children 9 and 5 of age plan to move during the school summer holiday after finishing their school academic year. Our new school yr start in Sept too. 

Have you settled down already with your children? Let me know your progress as I might be facing the same difficulties.



Urgent advice needed


We have just relocated to Singapore for job opportunity, hence I am only on Employment Pass and my boys are on Dependent Pass. I was adviced that I need at least 4 months of working before I can apply for PR.

I have 2 boys, aged 8 and 5. They have been studying in Singapore syllabus in the international school prior to us coming here. I have been applying to local schools since I got to know about my transfer.

Unfortunately, to date (which is over 3 months), the schools have been asking for us to wait as we are not in the priority list. We are signing up for P3 for my elder boy. He must get into the school by March 2011 (he did not miss out on the Jan-March term, because in the previous school, P3 starts in Sept 2010). I thought having some 3 months is sufficient to look for a school.

I have called MOE and all they say is call the schools directly. My boy was a top student when he was in P1 and is scoring an avg of >85 in his exams.

In terms of the 1km consideration, it is not an issue because I will move to whichever school that I can find.My plan is to keep calling each school, targeting the East Side (which is our preference to stay)…any other suggestion? The company can only provide referrence letter about my job but they can’t help in kid’s schooling.

Any other advice? I’m in need of URGENT help. Many thanks.



same, i am also puzzled by

same, i am also puzzled by this observation

CHIJ Katong Primary

Anybody has comments on this school?  Strange that its PSLE results looks okay but its primary one balloting results looks mediocre and relatively to get in?  Any reasons why it is not popular?

PSLE Results 2008 & 2009


I would like to check if anyone know the PSLE results statistics for Geylang Methodist & Hong Wen Primary School for Year 2008 & 2009 in Streaming catergory (Special/Express/Normal).

Hi, I heard that Tanjong


I heard that Tanjong Katong Primary is popular for mixed nationality.

Maybe u can try this school or Haig girls primary. It’s in Katong area. But I am not sure about other areas.

I am also sending my girl to P1 next yr, I may put her to the sister’s ex-school. I was considering Haig girls but it is far from home.. may not be a good idea.

My advice is put them near home since they are still young. U can chk the school websites to see what are their CCAs and see what your child likes.

Advice needed.

Hi, I read with interest lots of chats about neighbourhood schools. I need advice:

I understand from some friends that girls (in general) of mixed origins (especially those, like mine (German & Chinese mix)  tend to be sensitve and feel left out in local schools. Maybe they don’t feel the sense of belonging.

I have returned after 20+ years of living overseas. Now it is time to look out for a place to live (of course, at the same time looking out for a primary school for my 2nd daughter, born in 2005). Can anyone please advise which neighbourhood school has a good mix or at least some foreign children?

Appreciate your help!


Child born in 1st Jan 2004 to enter Primary 1 in 2010

My younger son is going to P1 next year (2010) but I’m still wondering should I defer him for 1 more year, afterall he is only 6 years old when he enter P1.  Now, he is attending K2 in a childcare centre and  his teacher feedback that his focus during lesson time is short, less than 1/2 an hour.  The academic is getting tough in Primary school now and I’m worry that he may lost interest later.  Please comments esp if you  has child who entered P1 when he/she just turned 6.


Is there a different in SAP sch and Neighbourhood primary school

Please give me your kind opinion.  My son got into one of the top primary school but it is too far for him to travel to and back from school even though he is taking school bus.  He is in P1 this year.  Is there a different in standard?  Should I change him to a neighbourhood sch?  Currently he is doing very well in all his 3 subjects.

after more than a decade.......


Hi everybody! Glad to know about this site and had gathered good knowledge for this coming Pri 1 enrolment. Coz….the last time I enrol my first … was 1993……….really out of touch on this matter.


if you are in phase 2B and unsuccessful in balloting, you will join Phase 2C registration at a later date,

if at Phase 2C, you are unsuccessful in balloting, you will join Phase 2C supplementary registration at a later date. Only schools with vacancies left will be open for Phase 2C supplementary registration (ie no more ‘hot’ school vacancies left).

if at Phase 2C suppl, you are unsuccessful in balloting, you can either join Phase 3 and Queue up at the schools with vacancies left (Registration in this Phase will be done on a first-come-first-served basis), or MOE will post children who are unsuccessful in obtaining a Primary One place in a school of their choice at the end of Phase 2C Supplementary of the registration exercise to a school near their homes that still have vacancies.

do make time to read through the MOE website on the P1 registration thoroughly as a lot of info is self-explanatory.

What next after failed balloting

If balloting in a school of choice was unsuccessful, what should the parent do next?

Primary 1 Registeration Exercise


I would like to check how do we determin the phase?

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