Getting Back into Routines: 3 Tips to Help Your Child Settle Into School

As the new school year approaches, the days of staying past bedtimes, sleeping in and having no homework to submit are a thing of the past for your child until the next holiday rolls around.

As your child settles into the new term, it is time to restore some order! Here are some of our tips on how you can be proactive in your child’s academic journey.

  1. Press the Right Interest Buttons

Every good teacher knows it’s about finding the right interests to spark your child’s love for learning. As a parent, you can play your part too.

For the reluctant reader, you can start by finding books and literature that relate to what your child is passionate about, for example, great pieces on Minecraft for the avid gamers. With the Maths-averse child, teachers usually help your child by demonstrating the relevance in what he or she is learning in class to his or her daily life experiences – relating topics such as angles and odds to a penalty shootout might be a game changer.

  1. Celebrate the Milestones

More than just excelling in tests, it might have been mastering a difficult concept, getting his or her artwork praised by the teacher and displayed in the classroom, or delivering a captivating presentation that gave him or her an immense sense of pride and satisfaction.

Beyond the classroom, perhaps it was clocking his or her personal best time in swimming or successfully managing to bake a pie.

And as a parent, you can help your child capture these teaching moments in detail — the setbacks and the comebacks that make up their learning journey. These are all learning moments for the road.

  1. ‘Disrupt’ Learning and Shake Things Up

Disrupting the usual flow of learning can help your child develop creative and critical thinking skills and build resilience. We suggest something fun and simple.

Trying to remember lists of information that your child needs for the exams does not make for deep learning but committing to memory through visualisation can stimulate his or her mind for higher order tasks that will come in the term. It’s all about learning something new, in small quantities and different ways each week.

Children own the processes more if they can think about what they like best and challenge themselves both academically and personally.

Make This Year the Best One Yet

With every new year comes new learning experiences for your child as he or she advances to the next academic level. As educators, we want to help your child dream big, plan well, and accomplish more.

A fulfilling learning journey for your child begins with finely-tuned routines, and more importantly, doing it in fun and exciting ways.

This year, let us help your child reach his or her fullest potential both in the classroom and beyond.


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