A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Better Results in Chinese Language

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Who would have thought that a class full of laughter and play would be taking their PSLE exams in just a week’s time. What’s more astonishing is that these very same students, who any onlooker may mistake as weren’t serious in preparing for an exam that not only stresses most students out, but their parents too, will all be getting AL1s and 2s when the results are finally released.

Take a walk past any of EduGrove Mandarin Enrichment Centre’s branches islandwide and that’s probably what you’ll see. A classroom full of students up on the matted open area in front of their desks, totally immersed in their own world of fun! To the uninitiated, it may look as though not much learning is taking place, but the truth is students actually learn better when they are having fun while learning. By focusing on the long-term retention of important keywords and concepts through the use of interactive and experiential activities, not only has EduGrove attained a distinction rate of 74%, but they also work on the development of all important soft skills like creativity, critical thinking, public speaking, problem solving, that would help them excel in their careers in the future.

How does EduGrove’s award-winning methodology actually work?

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Mandarin is traditionally taught, EduGrove’s programmes put the emphasis on ensuring that every element of learning Mandarin is FUN, ENGAGING and most important of all, EFFECTIVE! They combine interactive vocabulary learning activities and games, drama in education like role-playing and improvisation drama, and stimulating discussion sessions during which students are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. While encouraging language learning, their programmes not only give students the perfect environment to absorb the Chinese language, every single activity of the class is also crafted to help stimulate the students’ cognitive, social, and emotional, motor skill and creative development.

Their revolutionary methods, award-winning curriculum and dedicated teachers have a proven track record of delivering results while igniting every student’s passion for learning.

Annually voted as the Best Chinese Enrichment Centre in Singapore, they succeed in helping students attain fluency because the students are always fully immersed in a language-rich environment. From the youngest children in their PlayGrove programmes to upper primary and secondary students studying for their Chinese PSLE and O-Level, the focus of their teaching is on using and applying language learned in effective and meaningful ways.

Their programmes comprise four main segments to a class – circle time, word games, improvisational drama, and written exercises – all of which generate repetition of the commonly tested keywords and phrases introduced each week. Circle time is used to encourage students to converse using the language often applying many of the keywords previously learnt to express themselves. New vocabularies are introduced using word games as students are coaxed to verbalise flash cards while they learn the meaning and pronunciation of the words. All these are mastered through role-playing improvisational drama where students are immersed into imaginary scenarios where they can now put what they have learnt into their natural dialogues where sentence formation and application of keywords is practiced naturally.

That’s how EduGrove cement what the students have learnt into their long-term memory where learning Chinese and speaking Mandarin becomes second nature! At the end of it all, students will put all they have learnt into paper practice through written exercises. This provides students with ample practice of all sections of the Chinese examination papers and enable them to approach exams calmly and with confidence.

From students who were perennially failing in Chinese trying hard to pass, to high achievers looking to find that edge to crack AL1 for PSLE or A1 for O-levels, they have helped thousands of students of all ages exceed expectations!

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Mon 26/12/2022