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Getting Ready for Primary 1

Is your child entering Primary 1 next year? Are you starting to feel stressed, anxious or worried about how your child will settle into the school environment? Will he/she make friends? Will he/she be able to learn well and enjoy a great start to their learning journey?

Entering Primary 1 can be a very exciting time for a child and the parents but it is also a time of great adjustment and transition. And a well-prepared child will look forward to school and settle in much more smoothly.

How then can parents make sure their child is well-prepared and ready to learn?

Besides the frantic shopping for textbooks, new uniforms, shoes, bag, stationery, water bottle, wallet… (and the list goes on). It is much more important to ensure the child is cognitively ready to learn in a classroom environment.

Here are some important cognitive skills that we can prepare a child in:

  1. Focus and Attention
    – being able to listen well and pay attention, without being easily distracted
  2. Effective Writing Skills
    – being able to copy and write neatly at an appropriate speed
  3. Good Memory Capabilities
    – being able to remember what has been taught and messages/letters to bring home to mummy and daddy
  4. Strong Sequencing Abilities
    – being able to follow teacher’s multiple instructions and directions

Having a strong groundwork in Cognitive Skills is like a building with a strong foundation; and children will find it much easier to learn and pick things up much faster.

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Article contributed by Thinkersbox


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